Scroll Compressor: 40% Decrease In Production And Sales In Cold Season

Scroll Compressor: 40% Decrease In Production And Sales In Cold Season

Date:Mar 13, 2020

In January 2020, the total output of scroll compressor industry was 188,000 units, down 42.86% year on year and 35.28% month on month.  The total sales volume was 182,000 units, down 44.36% year on year and 38.11% month on month.  Internal sales volume was 147,500 units, down 46.59% year on year and 37.50% month on month.  Exports were 34,500 units, down 31.57% from the same period last year and 40.59% from the previous month.

In January, the overall performance of the scroll compressor industry was sluggish, with both production and sales declining significantly from the previous month.  The domestic and export markets did not perform well this month. Due to the advance preparation of goods by complete machine enterprises in December, the overdraft of part of the demand, combined with the impact of the January Spring Festival holiday, the start-up time of upstream and downstream enterprises decreased, resulting in substantial fluctuations in the domestic and export markets this month compared with the same period last year.  From the downstream application point of view, the domestic air conditioning industry also performed poorly in January, with the production and sales declining by more than 30%. On the one hand, most air conditioning manufacturers shut down during the holidays.  On the other hand, consumer demand in the terminal market was relatively light around the Spring Festival, with a significant slowdown in domestic sales and sales, while orders in the export market also declined considerably compared with the same period last year.  In terms of commercial air conditioning, the overall decline in the industry in January was also more than 30%, and mainstream products generally experienced a relatively large decline. Among them, the decline rate of multi-connection as a mainstream central air conditioning product was slightly lower than the overall average decline rate of the commercial air conditioning industry. In other products, unit and module machines performed relatively poorly, and the decline rate was higher than the industry average.

In terms of exports, the estimated export volume of scroll compressors in January was 34,500 units, down 31.57% year on year.  Most mainstream scroll compressor enterprises are in a downward trend.  (Note: The scroll compressor mentioned in this article is mainly air conditioning scroll compressor products)

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