Refrigerant R22: Price Lowers

Refrigerant R22: Price Lowers

Date:Apr 22, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] According to the price monitoring by Business News, the average price of mainstream manufacturers was 17,000 yuan/ton on April 20, down 1.92% from 17,333.33 yuan/ton last Monday (13).  On April 19, R22 commodity index was 104.00, the same as yesterday, down 6.31% from 111.00 points (2020-02-24) in the cycle and up 24.70% from 83.40 points on October 14, 2019.  (Note: Period refers to 2019-09-01 to date)

Products: Recently, the market of R22 in refrigerant market is not good.  The price of hydrofluoric acid at the raw material end dropped, the support for refrigerant R22 weakened, foreign special events were serious, the outlet of refrigerant terminal was not smooth, and it was mainly supplied to the domestic market. However, the domestic air conditioning industry started at a low level and the demand for maintenance and after-sales was weak. On the whole, domestic and foreign demand was not as expected.  At present, the load of refrigerant R22 manufacturers has been reduced, and their inventories are within a reasonable range. Due to the drag of demand, the price pressure has been reduced, while the situation of market value without market has emerged.  According to the business news agency price monitoring, as of April 20, the average price of refrigerant R22 was around 17,000 yuan/ton, and the quotations were mostly around 15,000 yuan/ton-19,000 yuan/ton, with the firm offer on the low side.

Industrial Chain: The price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid market has dropped recently. Enterprises reflect that the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid in the market is sufficient. Due to the impact of public health incidents, the downstream demand has decreased. Recently, the market for hydrofluoric acid in the market is relatively poor. Due to poor downstream demand, the price trend of hydrofluoric acid market has declined.  With sufficient supply of fluorite and poor downstream demand, the business news agency believes that hydrofluoric acid market price may drop slightly.  At present, the start-up of chloroform production enterprises is increasing one after another, the demand in the downstream market has not improved for a long time, the inventory pressure of enterprises is gradually increasing, and it is expected that the operation will be weak in a short period of time.

Industry: According to the business news agency price monitoring, in the 15th week of 2020 (4.13-4.17), there were 38 kinds of commodities in the list of commodity price increases and decreases, including 14 kinds of commodities with an increase of more than 5%, accounting for 15.7% of the monitored commodities in the list.  The top three commodities were acrylic acid (25.40%), maleic anhydride (19.02%) and crude benzene (15.55%).  A total of 21 commodities fell month on month, with 8 commodities falling by more than 5%, accounting for 9% of the monitored commodities in the sector.  The top 3 products were propylene (-34.79%), propylene oxide (-13.77%) and propane (-11.46%).  This week's average rise and fall was 1.02%.

Business News Refrigerant Analyst believes: At present, the raw material end of refrigerant R22 is declining, the demand is weak, the price is under pressure, and the market price is showing signs of no market.  It is expected that refrigerant R22 will remain weak and stable in the short term, with a risk of decline.

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