Proper Operation Of Chiller Ensure Safe Shutdown

Proper Operation Of Chiller Ensure Safe Shutdown

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Method closes the chillers can be avoided with the right operation equipment accessories are affected

Want to keep the stable operation of chiller, opening and closing when the chiller needs to follow the instructions step by step by step, any blind behavior will cause cold water machine downtime security were affected.

1, run the chiller needs to be stopped, first step that requires careful analysis of the chiller stopped running, and observe the pressure gauge values are normal. On the premise of chiller without any fault, according to the relevant methodical shutdown order through the stop step chiller, you can implement safe shutdown, will not affect the service life of any accessories.

2, when pump is turned off, advance the oil valve to close to 0 scale location, after waiting for a while to ensure that cold water machine can continue to achieve zero stop other running accessories. Only focus observe the pump stopped, and ensure that the pump does not affect the operation of any parts, was able to turn off the cold water.

Why turn off the cold water when machines need to follow the steps?

First, only in accordance with the instructions for the steps to complete the various parts of closing in order to avoid closing time, a certain parts because of the stress or other damage. If casual close cold water machine accessories, will inevitably affect the safe operation of the chiller and even start again after chillers have a variety of glitches.

Second, due to the cold water machine accessories need to cooperate in the use, close the cold water when the machine needs to be closed in a certain order, if there is any downtime actions of misconduct, would lead to the safe operation of the equipment is affected, even lead chiller compressor and condenser cause problems lead to increased cost of using cold water.

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