Precautions For Purchasing A Chiller

Precautions For Purchasing A Chiller

Date:Mar 16, 2018

Precautions for purchasing a chiller

As a customized product, the chiller has different application conditions and application ranges. The temperature range is not the same. Therefore, the customer should try to provide detailed and detailed parameter manufacturers so that the manufacturers can provide accurate and suitable models.

  1. Power Supply Requirements: The power supply of our standard refrigerator is 3-phase 380V50HZ. Due to different areas of use, the power requirements are not the same, especially the export chillers, some of which require 220V60HZ, 440V60HZ, 240V60HZ or 400V50HZ, etc. Differently, then the power supply of each component of the chiller needs to be processed in a series of ways. The specific production method is that the chiller manufacturers can communicate with users.

  2. Evaporator production methods: There are many types of evaporators used in chillers. Users have different requirements for chiller production methods or production materials. The type of evaporators is also different. For example, to be coiled, or shelled, or plated, and stainless steel and so on. Ice water machine

  3, circulating water pump: The commonly used circulating water pump is the source vertical pipeline pump, which can meet the needs of various standard refrigerators. Due to the special needs of some users, it is also possible to use stainless steel pumps or acid and alkali pumps.

  4. Pipeline: Regardless of whether it is common domestic water or engineering water, the existence of pipelines is indispensable. The most common ones we have are the PVC pipelines, both large and small, depending on the specific requirements. For some users with special requirements, stainless steel pipes will also be used. This can often be seen in the production of refrigerators.

5. Chassis size: Each chiller chassis size is uniquely designed based on the chiller power and the size of each component. For the conventional chiller model, the internal component installation position and chassis size are fixed. . However, it is not ruled out that the size of the chassis needs to be changed due to the user's restrictions on the installation position of the refrigerator or other uncertainties.

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