Points To Be Noticed By The Chiller

Points To Be Noticed By The Chiller

Date:Dec 12, 2018

1. Selection of the size of the special chiller for injection molding machine

When used as an injection molding machine mold cold-air-cooled chiller, it can be calculated according to the injection volume of the injection molding machine. Under normal circumstances, a 1HP chiller is required for every 6 ounces of injection. When used for cooling other equipment, it depends on the specific flow rate of the cooling water circulation.

2. Selection of insulated water tank and water pump for chiller

Sometimes according to the actual situation of the air-cooled chiller according to the customer's factory, the box type chiller may also need the air-cooled chiller to add the pump. At this time, the added pump model must be the pump power of the chiller with the air-cooled chiller. the same. For example, if the 10HP box type chiller has a pump power of 2HP, it must also be 2HP when the pump is applied. When the pump power requirement is the same as that of the same type of box chiller, the same type of chiller is used, and the external air-cooled chiller is connected to the pump.

3. The temperature of the chiller backwater should not be higher than 40 degrees. The higher the return water temperature, the greater the damage to the compressor.

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