Pakistan Wants To Buy A New Fighter?

Pakistan Wants To Buy A New Fighter?

Date:Jun 10, 2020

Over the past few decades, Pakistan has been a loyal user of various Chinese-made fighter jets. Recently, Pakistani experts suggested that the country’s air force purchased a Chinese fighter jet with a long range and fierce firepower, that is, the J--7A “Feibao” fighter-bomber, dubbed “exhausted net red” by netizens. The capability is considered by Pakistani experts as an effective means of countering the Indian navy.

Pakistani expert Ammad Mailk recently posted on the "Diplomat" website, calling on the Pakistan Air Force to list "Flying Leopard" as a fighter jet that the country desperately needs to introduce.

Now, the balance over South Asia has become more inclined towards India. The 36 batches of legal "gust" fighters purchased by India for 7.9 billion euros will be delivered by July this year. The Pakistan Air Force's eagerly anticipated Block3 "Xiaolong" fighters completed their first flight at the end of last year, although With the addition of AESA airborne fire control radar, even the new Thunderbolt-15 medium-range air-to-air missile can be used, but it is still a light fighter as a whole and has limited sea-to-ground strike capability.

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