New Regulations For US Student Visas Provoke Public Anger

New Regulations For US Student Visas Provoke Public Anger

Date:Jul 15, 2020

China News, July 14th, comprehensive report, 13th local time, including the Attorney General of the United States Massachusetts Mora Healy and the Attorney General of Washington D.C. filed a lawsuit with the Boston Federal Court to start the lawsuit New rules for foreign students in the Trump administration. The new regulation stipulates that international students cannot stay in the US if they only take online courses during the fall semester.

According to reports, the lawsuit requested that the entire new regulations come into effect. The lawsuit alleges that the new regulations have caused significant damage to the US economy because it prevented tens of thousands of international students from settling in the United States and prevented them from finding jobs in fields such as science, technology, healthcare, business and finance, and education.

Healy said that the new coronavirus has had a huge impact in the United States, and the expulsion of international students during this period was "cruel, sudden and illegal." She also pointed out that the Trump administration did not take into account the huge cost and administrative burden of school adjustment programs and certification of students.


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