New Coronavirus May Have Been Dormant In Many Places Around The World

New Coronavirus May Have Been Dormant In Many Places Around The World

Date:Jul 08, 2020

The British "Daily Telegraph" website recently published a report quoting Oxford University scholar Dr. Tom Jefferson as saying that more and more evidence shows that the new coronavirus existed in other parts of the world before the outbreak in Asia. The virus may have been in a "sleep" state in different parts of the world until the environment changed before it began to spread.

In this article, Jefferson, who has a medical background, cited evidence that the University of Barcelona in Spain issued an announcement on June 26 that a research team led by the school detected the new coronavirus in Barcelona wastewater samples collected in March last year. This time point is much earlier than the time when the first related case is reported globally.

Jefferson said that many viruses around the world are in a "dormant" state and will not become active until there is a suitable environment. This also means that they come quickly and disappear quickly. "We need to start studying the ecology of the virus and understand its origin and how to mutate it."

He believes that the new coronavirus may spread through sewers or shared toilets, not just through droplets. "A lot of evidence shows that a large amount of virus exists in sewage in many places; there is also increasing evidence that the virus will spread through excreta." The spread of sewers and recent small-scale outbreaks in meat factories in some countries should be deepened survey.

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