Mold Temperature Machine Manufacturer Tells You Its Development Prospects

Mold Temperature Machine Manufacturer Tells You Its Development Prospects

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Die temperature more commonly used in the plastics industry, the main role is:

1, increase the efficiency of products;

2, reduces defective products;

3, improving the appearance of the product, inhibiting product defects;

4, speed up production, reduce energy consumption and save energy.

Application of mold temperature in casting industry also has a large amount of space, especially in magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy manufacturing, uneven or improper mold temperature can lead to dimension stability, deformation of casting in the production process, thermal stress, modulus and viscosity and surface dimple, shrinkage and heat transfer in bubble defects. Impact to your production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and volatile variables on the spraying time. Die life under the influence of undercooled overheating and lead to expensive thermal cracking of steel to accelerate aging.

In a modern factory, in response to competition in the market, saving manpower, improve quality, lower cost operating strategy is urgently needed, mold temperature, enables the preheating time reduction, surface quality and fully automated production of finished products. Die is the necessary means to improve productivity.

Application of temperature controller in other industries is the necessary condition of equipment, names are different. PVC sheet roller temperature control called an oil heater, call in the extruder temperature control device, called temperature control in rubber mixing machine system or temperature control, these devices are essentially a fast heat up, then is the process of thermal insulation. After heating in a rubber equipment also require long-term implementation of a cooling process.

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