Midea's Intelligent Refrigerator Won --Industry Leading Brand Of The Year

Midea's Intelligent Refrigerator Won --Industry Leading Brand Of The Year

Date:Jan 06, 2020

On November 21, the "2019 Global New Business Conference and Winter Forum of China Financial Summit" jointly sponsored by CFS China Financial Summit, several central websites and many domestic financial and mass media was held in Beijing.  The leader in the field of intelligent refrigerators and the beautiful refrigerators, which are led by the products liked by the industry and consumers, such as the beautiful micro-crystal refrigerators, were deeply affirmed at the conference.  With "resilience and vitality" as its theme, the conference brought together new leaders of the times, continuously discussed industrial changes and commercial innovations in the new era, and jointly explored high-quality economic development paths.


(Live from Winter Forum of 2019 Financial Summit)

In the selection of this summit, after nomination, recommendation and review by the jury, Meimei refrigerator, the leader of the smart refrigerator industry, won the honor of "2019 industry leader brand" with its good public comprehensive evaluation and brand influence, which once again confirms Meimei refrigerator's excellent brand strength and user reputation.

(Midea Smart Refrigerator Won the Award of "2019 Industry Leading Brand" by the General Assembly)

As the most influential ideological exchange platform in China's economic field, the China Finance Summit brought together elites from all walks of life.  In this forum, the smart refrigerator of the United States, as the leader of the era certified by the conference, gathered with nearly 1,000 heavyweight guests from business, politics, academia, media, culture and art, etc. to look forward to new trends, explore new opportunities, gather top ideas and pass on example strength.  It shows the scientific and technological wisdom of the intelligent refrigerator industry, and its crystallization of intelligent refrigerator technology, the beautiful micro-crystal refrigerator, has contributed a great "freshness" to people's more beautiful life.


(Midea's Intelligent Refrigerator relies on leading technology to build a whole family line-up of intelligent preservation headed by Midea's Microcrystalline Refrigerator to meet the needs of different people and products)

In terms of brand marketing, Meimei Refrigerator integrates terminal and online advantages to form organic integration with the leading experiential terminal marketing in the intelligent refrigerator industry and the more visible fresh-keeping challenge. It has created a series of marketing examples of Meimei Microcrystalline Refrigerator, such as "ice water in the same box" and "microcrystal solution to cow", and has reached good communication with high-end users together with Chen Kun, the global fresh-keeping officer.


In the rapidly changing future market, only fresh walkers can win.  As a fresh walker and leader of the intelligent refrigerator industry, smart refrigerators that walk in the forefront of the times and embrace the future technology and elements of the new era will also bring more surprises similar to the beautiful micro-crystal refrigerators to consumers and create more impossible technological miracles in the intelligent refrigerator industry.

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