Matters Need Attention When Installing Chiller

Matters Need Attention When Installing Chiller

Date:Dec 25, 2019

Matters needing attention when installing chiller
1. Leak-proof refrigerant

    If the joints of the chiller are not tightened or cracked, the phenomenon of fluorine leakage will occur. If the chiller leaks fluorine, then the user must replenish it often, and the normal use of the chiller does not require the addition of refrigerant within a few years.

    Inspection method: Refrigerant leakage inspection should be performed before testing the machine. Leak detection is mainly aimed at the four interfaces of the chiller to the pipeline and the shut-off valve port. Leak detection with soapy water (also can use detergent) is one of the commonly used methods on site. After opening the valve for 10-15 seconds (20-30 seconds for the cabinet machine), close the valve, and all parts of the system will soon be filled with more than air. Gaseous refrigerant with a pressure of 0.8Mpa. Apply suds to the suspicious point of the leak. If bubbles form, there are leaks, and if no bubbles appear for 3 minutes, it is considered acceptable.

    2. Anti-leakage

    A regular installer will check the user's power supply before installing the chiller. If the requirements are not met, the user will be advised to change it. If the power cord is not in accordance with the specifications and the chiller is installed, it is prone to leakage and fire, which endangers the user's personal safety.


    During the chiller cooling process, water drips from the inside. This is not a normal phenomenon of garbage use, but is caused by improper installation of the chiller.

    Inspection method: After the chiller is installed, test it immediately (refrigeration). If there is no water leakage for a certain period of operation, the problem of water leakage will not occur. Of course, you can also ask the installer to conduct a water leak inspection and introduce water into the machine. It is normal for water to flow out of the machine through the water pan inside the machine and the downspout.

    Standard installation, regular maintenance, eliminate unsafe factors, ensure safety, and extend the life of chiller.


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