Low Temperature Chiller Features

Low Temperature Chiller Features

Date:Jan 08, 2019

The water-cooled low-temperature chiller has a large cooling capacity and a small volume. In the process of production, it mainly uses its world-famous imported compressor. The low temperature performance of the whole equipment is excellent, reliable and durable. The product is designed according to industrial application characteristics, and built-in low temperature cycle. Pumps and stainless steel chilled water tanks are extremely convenient to use. All materials in contact with water are made of anti-corrosive materials to prevent rust and corrosion. Microcomputer LED quantity controllers have temperature display, set temperature, automatic adjustment of freezing water temperature and compression. Machine delay protection.

The water-cooled low-temperature chiller is equipped with a complete indicator light. The switch and operation are clear at the time of use. The entire built-in electronic water level indicator and alarm device can effectively operate the control panel through the control panel. Effectively grasp the water level of the chilled water tank, timely hydration, unique modular design, each compressor system is safe and independent, even if a system has problems, it will not affect the normal operation of other systems.

The design of the low temperature chiller unit is very reasonable, compact, small in size and beautiful in appearance. The whole equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so that it can provide customers with industrial cold water and a large amount of free sanitary hot water. When the thermal system is running, the cooling is increased, the energy utilization rate is high, and the heat recovery can reach 30-80% of the cooling capacity.

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