Introduction To Scroll Chiller

Introduction To Scroll Chiller

Date:Jun 13, 2017

Introduction to Scroll Chiller
 Scroll Chiller

  Large chillers Scroll Chillers have special requirements, some models matching two or even three large Scroll Chiller. Tian Feng large chiller according to product characteristics, matching the rolling rotor cooling Scroll Chiller.

  For large and medium-sized Scroll Chiller, generally made open. It is mainly composed of a cylinder block with a cooling water jacket, a rotor, a vane, a cylindrical guide, an exhaust valve, a thin-walled elastic sleeve and the like, and the slide is mounted in the middle of the cylinder. The slider can be slid in the cylindrical guide, and the contact with the rotor is fitted with a seal and the upper end of the spring is pressed against the outer surface of the rotor to enhance the sealing of the contact. The outside of the rotor is fitted with a steel thin-walled elastic sleeve with a small hole in the hole to increase the sealing performance between the rotor and the cylinder wall. The shaft of the Scroll Chiller is connected directly to the shaft of the motor by means of a coupling, and the shaft is fitted with a friction ring mechanical seal. This Scroll Chiller power is strong, effective, long life, reasonable layout is more conducive to ventilation and cooling.

 Scroll Chiller lubrication is to rely on suction, exhaust pressure difference to carry out. After the Scroll Chiller starts, the centrifugal valve at the other end of the zigzag crankshaft is opened, the oil from the oil separator is passed through the oil cooler, the oil filter and the centrifugal valve, respectively, into the lubrication surface and shaft seal, And then gathered in the lower part of the cylinder cavity, through the float valve into the Scroll Chiller suction chamber, with the refrigerant vapor discharged to the oil separator, separated oil continue to use. Anti-oil, anti-corrosion, multiple protection, to ensure stable operation of the product.

  Scroll Chiller compared with the piston-type Scroll Chiller, with fewer parts, simple structure, less wearing parts, reliable operation, no suction valve, clearance volume is small, high gas transmission coefficient (if the cylinder The use of fuel injection cooling, exhaust temperature is low, suitable for larger compression ratio and lower evaporation temperature of the occasion, in the same cooling capacity, Scroll Chiller small size, light weight, smooth operation) processing accuracy requirements High, sealing line longer, poor sealing performance, leakage loss. Large chiller selection Rolling rotor cooling Scroll Chiller, is conducive to the smooth operation of the chiller and cooling effect.

  Tian Feng with the times, the introduction of Scroll Chiller, the chiller heart - Scroll Chiller comprehensive upgrade, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, lower temperature, better prices, so that Tian Feng's chiller, heart".

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