Industrial Cooling Tower To All Walks Of Life To Bring The Changes

Industrial Cooling Tower To All Walks Of Life To Bring The Changes

Date:Jul 26, 2017

Industrial Cooling Tower to all walks of life to bring the changes
 Industrial rapid development of various industries using Cooling Tower can bring more and more changes and personality. Machinery Group specializes in the production of various Cooling Tower, air-cooled Cooling Tower, water-cooled Cooling Tower, screw-type Cooling Tower, low-temperature Cooling Tower and other refrigeration equipment, the choice of brand Cooling Tower as a key to refrigeration, energy saving 20% Warmer and more efficient. Industrial Cooling Tower for the following major industries have brought no small impact, such as the following major industries:

1: Cooling Tower in the plastic, plastic industry with Cooling Tower: plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, plastic products to reduce the surface marks and internal stress, the product does not shrink, no deformation, easy to plastic products Stripping, to accelerate the product stereotypes, which greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine.

2: Cooling Tower in the control machine, coordinate boring machine, grinding machine, machining center, combination machine tools and various types of precision machine bed Cooling Tower: used in the number of spindle lubrication and hydraulic system drive medium cooling, can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively Reduce the thermal deformation of the machine, improve the machining accuracy of the machine. Improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication to reduce wear and mechanical life.

3: Cooling Tower in the electronics industry, ultrasonic cleaning industry with Cooling Tower: Cooling Tower cooling stable electronic components within the production line of molecular structure, improve the qualified rate of electronic components, can reduce the cleaning agent temperature, condensed gaseous cleaning agent, effectively prevent cleaning The evaporation of the agent.

4: Cooling Tower in the extrusion line and pumping industry with a Cooling Tower: it is clear that the sink is an open container, so we in the optional Cooling Tower, it should be noted that the Cooling Tower evaporator, Type, can not use the coil type. The reason is as follows: The evaporator of the coil Cooling Tower is an open water tank. When the Cooling Tower stops working, there is no pressure in the pump. The water level of the tank is generally higher than that of the Cooling Tower. At this time, the water in the tank will return to The Cooling Tower of the tank, causing the Cooling Tower to overflow the tank. Shell and tube is different, the evaporator is a closed loop, there will be no problem of overflow.

5: Cooling Tower in the construction industry: the supply of concrete with chilled water, so that the concrete molecular structure suitable for construction purposes, effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete. 6: Cooling Tower electroplating in the electroplating industry Cooling Tower: type of plating solution cooling, so that metal, non-metallic molecules stable. Cooling Tower metal molecules with a stable current quickly attached to the plating surface, increase the density and smooth plating , Shorten the plating cycle, improve quality, and can effectively recover all kinds of expensive chemical substances, industrial refrigeration equipment also applies to the vacuum coating industry.

7: Cooling Tower in the food industry with Cooling Tower. Cooling Tower for all kinds of food heating after the high-speed cooling, so that it can be applied into the tank and bottling requirements, in addition to all kinds of fermented food needs a different cooling temperature to stabilize the fermentation needs to improve the fermentation products to ensure the quality of fermentation, the same Also used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry; refrigeration facilities.

8: Cooling Tower in the grinding machine industry with Cooling Tower: three-roll machine in the grinding process, due to changes in molecular structure temperature, the temperature is too high impact on the quality of raw materials, production efficiency, serious wear and tear on the equipment. The use of Cooling Tower cooling cooling control temperature, can greatly improve production and reduce equipment damage. The most important thing to protect the safety of employees.

9: Cooling Tower in the machinery industry: control oil pressure system pressure oil temperature, stable oil temperature and oil, to extend the use of oil time, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication, reduce wear and tear.

10: Cooling Tower in the vacuum ion coating industry with Cooling Tower: ionization source in the initial work to be heated to start, run to be cooled, cooling system failure will lead to damage from the source. The cooling water must be cooled with a high pressure water pump to the cooling channel in the source.

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