Industrial Chiller Leakage Treatment Method

Industrial Chiller Leakage Treatment Method

Date:Jan 02, 2019

When dealing with refrigerant leakage problems, the evaporator can be unloaded and welded by:

1. After finding the leak point, mark it well;

2. If there is still refrigerant left in the refrigeration system, the refrigerant should be stored first;

3. Use two 8 inch or 10 inch wrenches to remove the indoor unit connection lock nut and remove the electrical box on the right side of the indoor unit;

4. Remove the rear side of the evaporator to fix the pipeline and the splint, and remove the left and right positioning screws of the indoor evaporator;

5. The left hand gently lifts the pipeline from the rear side of the indoor unit to move the evaporator forward. After pulling the evaporator out 5 cm with your right hand, use both hands to rotate the evaporator 90 degrees and pull it out along the pipe (note the two-hand operation, do not knock the fins down).

After the evaporator is removed, put it in a clean and clean place, wipe the leaking oil trace with a dry cloth, and weld the leak point with silver solder. After the pressure check is confirmed to be leak-free, replace the evaporator in the reverse order of the disassembly. machine. Of course, there are many possibilities for refrigerant leakage, not just the leaks in the evaporator, which requires a step-by-step inspection.

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