Industrial Chiller Installation Issues

Industrial Chiller Installation Issues

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Unit 1, transport

Before handling unit, confirm the installation site is equipped with suitable for installation of equipment and tools, and can withstand the weight of the unit and all accessories. Allows the use of forklifts handling unit, but with the cable lift handling is better (as shown in the figure). During installation of the handling unit should avoid intense shock and impact, so as not to cause damage to the unit and copper tube.

Unit 2, installation

Unit installation site requirements:

Chiller should be installed indoors, does not allow for installation in open areas or places likely to rain, when stored at ambient temperature below 4 ° c in winter, put clean water in the condenser, evaporator, frost heave damage. Should be installed on a solid, smooth place, follow the instructions for the Foundation, and chiller base mat with a layer between base and 12~20mm shock-absorbing rubber pad, unit on the base with anchor bolt hole with M16 or M20 bolt, chiller base will be fixed based on the leveling along the direction, left water cooler rack. Around the unit should be left some room, used for operation, inspection, maintenance. Installation clearances: minimum length 1500 mm; length around 2000mm, preferably by the length of the condenser and leaving more space for cleaning condenser copper tube with height minimum height +2000mm the unit so that the removal and installation of the compressor.

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