How To Cut The Chiller After-sales Question

How To Cut The Chiller After-sales Question

Date:Dec 28, 2018

Many air-cooled chiller customers are talking about the after-sales problems of industrial chillers. I didn't know if we were serious about commenting on this question. Let me share with you how to treat the chiller to reduce the after-sales problem.

1. The primary customer should use the chiller air-cooled chiller to match the machine according to the site environment. If the environment is closed, then the customer is best to use water-cooled chiller. Most chiller manufacturers will advocate customers. Water-cooled chillers are used. Water-cooled chillers are usually used in closed workshops. Because water-cooled chilled air-cooled chillers are cooled by water and cold-air chillers, do not be afraid of piping. It’s a good thing to connect and do things.

2. Assuming that the customer's on-site environmental ventilation is relatively good, then the chiller manufacturers usually advocate that the customer chooses the air-cooled chiller. The air-cooled chiller is cooled by the electric fan, so the equipment itself needs to be placed in a comparatively ventilated environment. . The better the ventilation of the site environment, the better the cooling capacity of the chiller itself.

3. Secondly, the air-cooled chiller is cold for the type of chiller. The air-cooled chiller is of course also based on the customer's funds. However, the customers who usually purchase chillers are not recommended to be thousands or hundreds of pieces. For the model that uses the small point of the punctuality, because we buy equipment, not a piece of clothing or an air-cooled chiller of smoke, the chiller we purchase is like buying a TV refrigerator. When we are in the buyer's electricity, we think about buying something better. It's the same because of the long-lasting use of home appliances, so remembering our chiller is the same reason. We have to think about persistent questions. Don't know how severe the air-cooled chiller is because of the little air-cooled chiller at that time.

4. Let's treat the chiller that we bought. The best one is the same as our refrigerator. When we open the refrigerator, we assume that the refrigerator is messy. The dirty air-cooled chillers are not even connected. There is no desire to take things? However, if there is too much waste in the refrigerator for a long time, will it be a problem? Therefore, when we use the chiller, it is best to look at the water quality, whether there is waste, dirty things, and then every time you leave work, the workers who are the equipment are ordered to clean up the debris in the chiller.

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