Development direction and prospect of industrial chiller

Development direction and prospect of industrial chiller

Date:Dec 25, 2019

Development direction and prospect of industrial chiller
 With the steady increase in the demand for industrial refrigeration equipment in China, and the requirements are gradually increasing, in order to adapt to this market demand, refrigeration companies also strictly require their own technological level to meet the market demand. The market potential of the freezing and refrigerating industry is very high, especially the development prospects of medium and low temperature freezing and refrigerating equipment in the agriculture, fishing, and animal husbandry industries are very broad. Compared with the situation in developed countries, there is a large gap in the refrigeration, freezing, and logistics of agricultural and sideline products such as agriculture, fishing, and animal husbandry.

    Refrigerating and refrigerating compressors can be divided into small refrigerating and refrigerating compressors and large and medium-sized refrigerating and refrigerating compressors. Among them, small refrigerating and refrigerating compressors are mainly used in refrigerators (reciprocating and rotary structures are mainly used, and frequency conversion technology is the future development direction) and refrigerated vehicles. (Vehicle-type screw compressors are the direction); large and medium-sized refrigerating and refrigerating compressors are mainly used in railway refrigerated trucks, refrigerated ships, refrigerated containers and cold storage, mainly reciprocating and screw-type. Screw compressors are suitable for 24-hour operation for a long time, and the technology used in low-temperature systems has continued to improve. Its performance and efficiency have greatly improved. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, screw compressors have begun to gradually develop in low-temperature refrigeration and refrigeration systems. Replaces the traditional piston type as a standard configuration.

    Supply and competition pattern of screw chiller industry Screw refrigeration compressor industry is a technology-intensive industry, with relatively complex production processes, high processing accuracy requirements, and difficulty in updating products and technologies. The sustainable development of enterprises requires a certain level of research and development And technical reserves also need a certain amount of practical experience accumulation. At present, domestic screw compressor manufacturers have improved the technical content and performance quality of their products through technology introduction, technical cooperation or independent research and development. However, compared with the international advanced level, their products are still in terms of profile, noise, and oil separation efficiency. There is a gap. This shows that China's industrial chiller has room for development and has a bright future.

    In China's industrial refrigeration industry, screw chiller units account for more than 65% of the market.

    1. The screw chiller uses a semi-closed screw compressor, low temperature, multi-batch tone control, automatic adjustment of energy through the PLC to ensure that the energy efficiency promotion group has been running, the energy consumption is reduced;

    Screw-type chiller features economical (passing through the coolant) system can run at lower temperatures to increase the cooling capacity by about 20%, increase the COP of the machine, and provide customers with the most effective system users;

    The screw chiller's compressor has built-in 3 external secondary oil separation and combined with petroleum fuel to ensure a high efficiency point to avoid compressor failure caused by oil;

    2. The external oil cooling system of the screw chiller, the temperature of the lubricating oil is too high to avoid poor lubricating effects, and low temperature conditions to ensure safe and reliable operation in the unit; authoritative refrigeration components are selected to ensure the screw chiller Good performance;

    The screw chiller has a wide range of cooling temperature and cooling capacity, and the types, choices, and even specified conditions and user characteristics of ethylene glycol, brine, alcohol and other refrigerants are customized for users;

    3. Screw chiller has multiple safety functions, automatic fault diagnosis to ensure safe and reliable equipment operation. Customers can choose the operation mode displayed on the touch screen and text and many other man-machine conversations, making the unit operation simple and intuitive. .

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