How Long Does The Chiller Need To Be Cleaned And Maintained?

How Long Does The Chiller Need To Be Cleaned And Maintained?

Date:Nov 22, 2018

 A properly functioning chiller requires extensive maintenance and service after a period of operation. For many companies, due to the relatively weak sense of daily maintenance, after using the chiller for a long time, there is no effective maintenance for the chiller. If the chiller lacks the necessary maintenance and maintenance, it means that the chiller has a very high failure rate in the later stages.

  Even if the overall operation quality of the chiller is high, if there is no maintenance and maintenance within the stipulated time, the chiller may have different levels of failure. Especially for many industrial chillers, after a long period of operation, a large scale problem will occur. If the scale cannot be effectively cleaned, after a long period of accumulation, the scale of the scale will continue to expand, directly affecting the heat dissipation effect of the industrial chiller. When the chiller is operated under the premise that the heat dissipation performance is affected, the energy consumption of the equipment operation increases greatly, which seriously affects the stable operation of the chiller.

    In order to keep the chiller safe and stable during the operation of the chiller, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive cleaning of the chiller after half a year of use. Especially for the location where dirt is easy to be used as a key cleaning place, relying on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve better cleaning effect, keep the chiller with higher heat dissipation performance, and establish a constant time for the enterprise in a shorter time. The environment improves the overall efficiency of the company.

    If the frequency of the chiller is high and the environment is harsh, in order to reduce the probability of various types of failures in the industrial chiller, the cleaning time can be shortened to three months. As long as there are problems such as increased energy consumption, etc., it is possible to carry out comprehensive cleaning and maintenance for industrial chillers. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of the chiller and prevent various types of failures from affecting the safe operation of the industrial chiller.

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