How Does The Scroll Chiller Fail To Analyze And Deal With Faults?

How Does The Scroll Chiller Fail To Analyze And Deal With Faults?

Date:Jun 20, 2017

How does the Scroll Chiller fail to analyze and deal with faults?
Xiaobian to tell you about the Scroll Chiller failure how to analyze and deal with, hoping to be able to help everyone.
Scroll Chiller in the course of the use of often encounter some failures, the most typical is the abnormal sound problems. The emergence of such a failure, the device issued a large sound, ten meters will be able to hear, check the current are within the normal range, a simple check is also difficult to find the problem. The whole equipment of the Scroll Chiller can be divided into mechanical seal assembly, gear box and motor three parts, a separate decomposition inspection and analysis.

1. Inspection of mechanical seal assembly
Scroll Chiller is the most prone to failure is the mechanical seal part, often due to wear and tear mechanical seal failure, sealed cavity into the water. First, the mechanical seal assembly is decomposed, and the parts are cleaned and inspected by two sets of mechanical seals, skeleton oil seal, output shaft, bearing, shell and end cap, and the relevant dimensions of the mechanical stirrer bearing and output shaft are checked, If the problem is not found, indicating that the mechanical seal part of the complete, excluding the possibility of failure.
2. Gearbox analysis and inspection
Some of the mixer equipment gear box processing accuracy is high, heat treatment is good, the gear box for thorough cleaning, carefully check the gears, gear shafts, bearings. It is found that the tooth surface is smooth, no pitting, the phenomenon of intertwining, gear meshing backlash normal, tooth profile without obvious wear; the bearing radial, axial clearance normal, inner and outer ring and roller surface are no pitting spots, the overall quality is good ; Axle clearance of each axis is reasonable, hand wheel output shaft, free movement, no card shell phenomenon, no abnormal sound. Then, you can rule out the gear box failure.
3. Motor fault check, analysis and processing
Scroll Chiller motor failure performance: in the decomposition of the motor before the air run to find out the problem. Such as the mechanical stirrer motor abnormal sound, vibration is great; mechanical stirrer motor shaft sleeve at the hissing sound, the motor air run less than 2 minutes shaft extension temperature reached tens of degrees, hot. Mechanical agitator inner bearing inner ring due to pitting pear pear pitting area, the surface rough, dark, dull, can clearly see the point of the hole; skeleton oil seal inner ring damage; mechanical agitator bearing inner ring and shaft Set with the corresponding journal at the "circle" to form a dark spot.
As the Scroll Chillers bearing the inner ring pitting pear-shaped pitting area, bearing roller through, there is a clear phenomenon of stuck, and the sound. This may be the Scroll Chiller internal motor abnormal sound of the root causes, then by replacing the mixer in the bearing can solve this problem.

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