How A Chiller Works

How A Chiller Works

Date:Mar 16, 2018

                    how a chiller works

Cold water machine commonly known as freezer, refrigerating machine, ice water machine, freezing water machine, cooling machine, etc., because the use of all trades and professions is more extensive, so the name is too numerous. With the continuous development of chiller industry more and more people begin to pay close attention to any chiller industry choice more and more important for human beings, on the product structure "high eer water-cooled screw units", "water source heat pump units", "screw heat recovery units", "high efficiency heat pump units", "screw cryogenic refrigeration units" and other competitive products structure principle of the nature is a multifunctional machine, remove the liquid vapor by compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. Vapour compression chiller consists of four main components of vapor compression refrigeration cycle of the compressor, evaporator, condenser, the form of a part of the metering device so as to realize the different refrigerants. The absorption chiller USES water as a refrigerant and depends on the water and lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong cooling effect. Chiller is generally used in air conditioning unit and industrial cooling. In air conditioning system, chilled water is usually assigned to the heat exchanger coil in the air handling unit or other types of terminal equipment cooling in its own space, and then cooling water distribution back in the condenser is cooled. In industrial applications, cooling pumps for chilled water or other liquids are made through processes or laboratory equipment. The industrial chiller is used to control the products, mechanisms and industries of machinery cooling. The chiller can be divided into water cooling and air cooling in the form of refrigeration. In technology, water cooling is more than 300 to 500 kcal/h higher than air cooling energy efficiency. In the installation, water cooling needs to be included in the cooling tower for use, air cooling is movable, no need for other assistance.

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