Home Appliance Leading -Beauty Complaints: Quality Doubts Customer Service -Dumps Pots

Home Appliance Leading -Beauty Complaints: Quality Doubts Customer Service -Dumps Pots

Date:Mar 12, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] The well-known "White Horse Stock" Midea Group (000333.SZ) has been given purchase or even strong recommendation ratings by various securities dealers. However, recently, the "Black Cat Complaint" platform has received continuous complaints from consumers that Midea, one of the "household appliance leaders", has problems with its product quality and does not have adequate after-sales service.  Why do such problems arise?  Is the quality of beautiful products still reliable?

"Home Appliance Leading" One of Midea Complaints

On March 8, 2020, the "Black Cat Complaint" platform received new complaints from consumers.  A consumer claimed that the Midea steam iron he bought could not produce steam after pressing the indicator light according to the instructions.  At the same time, the body of the steam iron vibrates continuously and emits a burning smell.  So the consumer contacted the customer service personnel of the official flagship store of the United States on Tmall platform. The customer service personnel asked the consumer to contact Tmall Commissioner to resolve the matter, but Tmall Commissioner did not respond and did not handle the matter.  Finally, the customer complained on the "Black Cat Complaint" platform that Midea and Tmall customer service were throwing pots at each other.

In addition, some consumers claim that their beautiful oven has just been bought for about a month and is still under warranty.  On the morning of March 6, she found that the side of the oven was sunken and the red inner container could be seen.  Because of fear of causing safety problems, contact customer service.  Then, after-sales maintenance personnel from a certain United States called the consumer.  After inquiring about the situation, the maintenance staff believed that it was caused by man and the consumer was required to pay for the repair. However, the consumer thought it was unreasonable and lodged a complaint.

After the incident, the blue whale financial reporter found 741 complaints after searching for the keyword "mei" on the "black cat complaint" platform.  Of these, 741 have been answered and 694 have been completed.

For this quality complaint, Blue Whale Financial reporter tried to dial the number left by Midea official website, but no one answered.

Is the quality of beautiful products still reliable?

Blue Whale Finance reporter interviewed Liu Buchen, an observer in the household electrical appliance industry, as to why US products have quality problems.  He explained: "Some of Midea's products are commissioned, which are not as good as Midea's own products in terms of quality assurance due to inadequate supervision.  In addition, U.S. has a long product line and a large total sales volume, so the number of consumer complaints may be higher than that of other enterprises in terms of probability. "

At the same time, a person in charge of JD.com's home appliances, who did not want to be named, said that the position of the United States is the largest in the world and the largest in share.  At present, Midea's small household appliances are still the largest in the market, so there are relatively many products with problems.

Faced with so many complaints, consumers inevitably have doubts in their hearts: Is the quality of US products still reliable?

"According to media reports, in the past few years, there have been quite a number of complaints about US products, which is also the reason why some consumers complain that US products are not of high quality.  Objectively speaking, in recent years, the quality of American products has been greatly improved, but there is still room for improvement.  In recent years, inspired by its peers, Midea has increased its quality control of products, and the standards of products purchased from components are higher than in the past.  However, because Midea Group defines itself as a national household appliance, that is, a household appliance that everyone can afford, this positioning determines that it cannot produce according to the highest standards. "  Liu Buchen added.

Wang Hongji, an appliance analyst at China Yikang, gave a positive answer as to whether consumers can continue to buy American products.  He said: "The quality of Midea's products is quite reliable. Consumers can buy them according to their own needs."

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