Haier Has Been Certified By The Industry As A Central Air Conditioner Capable Of Removing Bacteria.

Haier Has Been Certified By The Industry As A Central Air Conditioner Capable Of Removing Bacteria.

Date:Mar 14, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] A few days ago, Haier's entire series of central air-conditioning products include new fans, home central air conditioners, commercial multi-connected central air conditioners, etc. After two months of experiments, Haier successfully passed a number of sterilization and disinfection tests and obtained the industry's first sterilization function certification.


The experiment was jointly conducted by China Institute of Electrical Engineering (Weikai Institute of Microbiology), Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, and the testing laboratory under Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry). The authoritative certification once again showed that Haier's scientific and technological strength of central air conditioning was recognized by the industry.

Advanced Technology Leads Industry Development

At present, users have extremely strict requirements for healthy air.  In response, Haier's central air conditioner has continuously innovated its technology to create a healthy breathing space for users.

Haier's central air conditioner has built-in UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization module, with a sterilization rate of over 99.99%. Through destroying DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses, it loses its reproductive capacity and vitality, thus achieving the goal of eliminating bacteria adsorbed on the air conditioner.

In addition, the deep ultraviolet sterilization module can rapidly kill bacteria and various viruses through irradiation, and has the characteristics of broad spectrum, high efficiency and the like.

It is worth mentioning that in the domestic field, Haier's domestic central air conditioner uses the condensation heat of high-pressure refrigerant to raise the temperature of the indoor unit heat exchanger, and operates in coordination with breeze to realize circulation disinfection of 56℃+ high-temperature air, thus realizing quick disinfection of the air in the whole house.  Professional technology, technological empowerment.  As a pioneer in the industry, Haier's central air conditioner actively responds to users' needs, provides users with a healthy air environment and protects users' healthy breathing.

Professional Services Lead Industry Upgrade

In addition to iterative product technology, Haier's central air-conditioning service is also constantly upgrading. Whether it is "managing air conditioning" or "managing air", Haier's ultimate goal is to create good air for users, upgrade user experience and ensure users to breathe healthily.

For the after-sales service in special period, Haier Central Air Conditioning took the lead in introducing contactless visual service under the condition of ensuring the safety of users and service soldiers, so as to realize the purpose of quick response to users' demands.


At present, it is the key to do a good job in disinfection prevention and control and to fully ensure the safe return to work and study.  Under this demand, Haier's air industry is the first to introduce full-space disinfection service, which helps to return to work and study safely by carrying out all-round disinfection and sterilization work without dead corners on the surface of objects, the central air conditioning system and the whole indoor air.

Haier's all-space disinfection service can meet the demand for healthy resumption of work in public spaces such as schools, office buildings, factories, shops and subway stations, and ensure the healthy breathing of every user.

Haier's central air conditioner leads the industry with its excellent product technology and professional quality service.  In the future, Haier's central air conditioner will continue to iterate and innovate technologies, upgrade air solutions and continuously create healthy air for users around the world.

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