Haier Air Conditioning Laboratory Authorized By Pakistan National Certification Committee

Haier Air Conditioning Laboratory Authorized By Pakistan National Certification Committee

Date:Dec 31, 2019

[China Refrigeration Network] On November 15, local time, Haier Air Conditioning Laboratory was authorized by Pakistan's National Certification Committee to test air conditioning products.  Established in 2002, this laboratory is also Pakistan's first air conditioning testing laboratory. Now it can not only ensure the high quality of Haier air conditioning, but also test and certify other brands of air conditioning based on ISO 17025:2017.


The certification authorized by Pakistan National Certification Committee is applicable to more than 70 countries in the world.  The authorized Haier Air Conditioning Laboratory can test whether the cooling capacity, heat capacity efficiency, air volume and other indexes of various air conditioners, including commercial air conditioners and split air conditioners, conform to industry standards. It can not only promote industry standardization, but also provide standards and basis for users to select air conditioners.

It is understood that Haier Air Conditioning Laboratory is the world's most advanced laboratory established by relying on the world's three major air research centers.  It can simulate 28 kinds of extreme climate and extreme transportation conditions under all temperature conditions of -35~65℃, and can also test human comfort through temperature, humidity and wind speed. The new air conditioner can only be put into use after strict tests in the laboratory.

In Pakistan, Haier has been providing high-quality products based on customer needs.  For example, according to the differential environment of unstable local voltage and frequent power outages, UPS battery air conditioner is introduced, which can operate for 4 hours without shutdown under power outages.  In response to the indoor air pollution problem caused by local dirty air conditioners, Haier introduced a self-cleaning air conditioner that "bathes".


In addition, Haier also provides Pakistani users with a set of intelligent and healthy air solutions based on scenes.  In April this year, Haier opened the first smart family clinic in Pakistan. It not only showed high-end smart items to local users, but also built smart living rooms, smart kitchens and other smart scenes.  In the smart living room, the smart TV can be linked with the air conditioner, which not only realizes the visualization of the air quality, but also intelligently customizes the indoor air quality and sleep curve to meet the needs of local users for healthy air.  According to data, Haier Air Conditioning has led Pakistan's air conditioning market with the first share for 13 consecutive years.

At present, Pakistan is establishing an energy labeling system, and the energy efficiency level needs to pass laboratory certification.  Haier air conditioning laboratory will coordinate pakistan's energy labeling standards with NEECA (national energy efficiency protection agency) to help formulate pakistan's energy standards.

Under the guidance of the "one person, one unit" mode, Haier Air Conditioning has developed from a high-end brand led by the industry to an ecological brand benefiting the industry by creating healthy air, certifying healthy air, establishing industry standards, and establishing air scene ecology based on user needs.

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