Gree, The International Leader, Occupies The Commanding Point Of Scroll Compressor Technology In The World.

Gree, The International Leader, Occupies The Commanding Point Of Scroll Compressor Technology In The World.

Date:Jan 08, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Today, "2019' Let the World Love Made in China' Summit Forum" was held at Gree Electric Appliance Headquarters.  On this grand occasion, Gree announced four new innovative technologies that have reached the "international leading" level.  The "high efficiency reluctance variable frequency scroll compressor technology", a breakthrough in the compressor field, has been widely concerned by people in the industry.


(The picture shows the scene of the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting)

"Compressor is the heart of air conditioning. Whoever has the core technology of compressor has the right to speak.  China is the largest scroll compressor market in the world. However, due to the immaturity of China's own scroll compressor design and manufacturing system, the key technologies are still in the hands of foreign enterprises.  Gree's independent research and development of high-efficiency reluctance variable-frequency scroll compressor technology has filled in the gaps in relevant domestic technologies and realized the localization of high-efficiency and reliable variable-frequency scroll compressor. "  Jiang Yi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the appraisal meeting.

Solving Technical Problems and Filling the Vacancy in Domestic Market

Vortex compressor is a positive displacement compressor, which has the advantages of high efficiency, small volume, low noise, stable operation and so on. It is widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems such as multi-line, modular and unit units.  According to the 2018 China Central Air Conditioning Market Report issued by Aiken Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Network, multi-line systems using scroll compressors occupy nearly a quarter of the domestic central air conditioning market, with an annual sales volume of about 20 billion and a growing trend year by year.

Although scroll compressor has many advantages in performance and large market demand, there are many technical difficulties in the development of scroll compressor, such as complex theoretical analysis methods, high machining and assembly precision requirements, etc.  For a long time, the core technology of scroll compressor has been monopolized by a few foreign brands, which greatly limits the technological upgrading and market application of scroll compressor in China.

In view of the limited core technology, Gree Electric Appliance insists on independent research and development, and has mastered three innovative technologies: high-efficiency scroll profile technology, support lubrication mechanism based on double rolling bearings, and new high-efficiency reluctance motor. While overcoming the technical difficulties of scroll compressor, Gree Electric Appliance has greatly improved the comprehensive performance of scroll compressor in terms of energy efficiency, noise, and reliability.

The design and manufacturing process of scroll profile is the technical pass of scroll compressor, which is regarded as the core secret by foreign enterprises.  In order to realize the efficient and normal research and development of vortex profile, Gree Electric Appliance has established the theoretical analysis method of vortex profile for the first time. This method is based on the piecewise line integration theory and has wide application range and high precision, which solves the problem of lack of accurate analysis methods for a long time in domestic vortex profile design.  In addition, Gree's original "stepped profile axial sealing structure" ensures reliable sealing of vortex profiles under all working conditions, with volumetric efficiency up to more than 98%.  "High-precision scroll line processing method" is the key to the industrialization of scroll compressor. Gree's independently innovative high-precision processing method enables key form and position tolerances to reach micron level.

"Gree has independently mastered core technologies such as high-efficiency vortex profile development methods, structural design and processing methods, and has independently developed a complete set of Gree's unique high-efficiency vortex profile technology system to achieve a high degree of integration from theory to production practice and completely break the monopoly and blockade of vortex technology imposed by foreign brands for a long time."  The head of Gree Technology said.


(The picture shows Gree's independently developed high efficiency reluctance variable frequency scroll compressor)

Lubrication and noise of variable frequency scroll compressor at high speed are technical difficulties in the industry.  Gree Electric Appliances, based on the support lubrication mechanism of double rolling bearings, has established the oil circuit cycle and structural modal simulation analysis method for the lubrication system of scroll compressor for the first time. It has innovatively completed the design of double balanced oil circuit cycle and low-modal support structure, realizing reliable lubrication and low-noise operation of variable-frequency scroll compressor in a wide rotating speed range, making the scroll compressor have better mute effect, safe and reliable operation, and making users feel more comfortable and at ease in use.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of the Whole Machine and Promoting Global Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

Today's global energy problem is becoming increasingly prominent, and countries are paying more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. After China's economy entered a high-quality development stage, it has also clearly put forward the call that "green water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains".

"Green water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains. Gree Electric will continue to upgrade its products and technologies in the next few days. The industrial field will not damage the environment. Only in this way can we truly achieve" green water and green mountains ",Gree Electric Chairman and President Dong Mingzhu said in an interview.

As a major energy consumer in life and production, the energy conservation of central air conditioning has attracted much attention.  Vortex compressor has excellent energy saving performance due to its own structural advantages.  This time, Gree has improved the energy-saving performance of the "green heart" of the air conditioner through its independently developed core technology.  Gree Electric Appliances First Realize Batch Application of New Type High Efficiency Rare Earth-Free Reluctance Motor in Variable Frequency Scroll Compressor.  The new type of high-efficiency rare earth-free reluctance motor has the characteristics of small characteristic current, excellent speed regulation performance of weak magnetic field and high speed operation efficiency.  For high speed and low temperature environment, Gree Electric Appliance optimizes the permanent magnet and magnetic circuit of the motor, widens the efficient and reliable operation range of the motor, and the efficiency of high speed operation can reach 95.85%.  The compressor is the "heart" of the air conditioner, and the motor is also the power source of the compressor. The improvement of the efficiency of the motor in a wide range of operating conditions can improve the energy efficiency of the compressor in various operating conditions, so that the whole air conditioner has higher energy efficiency and is more energy-saving and environment-friendly.

It is worth mentioning that rare earth is an important strategic resource as well as a non-renewable resource.  Gree's independently optimized rare earth-free reluctance motor has been applied in large quantities in the scroll compressor industry, which not only greatly improves the energy-saving effect of central air conditioning, but also saves rare earth resources, responds to the call to build a "beautiful China" and helps the world to be green and environmentally friendly.

With the blessing of three innovative technologies, namely, high-efficiency scroll profile technology, support lubrication mechanism based on double rolling bearings, and new high-efficiency reluctance motor, Gree's independently developed high-efficiency reluctance variable-frequency scroll compressor has broken the dilemma that scroll compressor technology has been stuck by overseas brands for a long time, realized the localization of core components of commercial refrigeration equipment such as commercial multi-line and modular machines, improved the market competitiveness and international voice of our refrigeration equipment, and contributed wisdom from China to the world's green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

According to the detection of the third party organization, the representative model of the project is 20HP high efficiency reluctance variable frequency scroll compressor. according to the working conditions stipulated by the national standard, the refrigeration efficiency reaches the highest 3.5 of similar products in the industry, and the comprehensive performance is superior to that of foreign brand scroll compressor. the overall technology of the project reaches the "international leading" level.


(The picture shows the on-site inspection of scroll compressor by experts)

Market Prospect Can Lead the World with Self-made Products

General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Gree Electric Appliance in Guangdong last year and placed great trust on the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry: "The core of manufacturing industry is innovation, that is, mastering key core technologies. We must strive for self-reliance and independent innovation. We hope all enterprises will strive in this direction."

Manufacturing is the foundation of a nation and a powerful nation.  Only by adhering to innovation-driven, self-made and green, efficient and high-quality development can Chinese manufacturing enterprises truly help the real economy to prosper and realize their dream of becoming a powerful industrial nation.  This time, Gree's high-efficiency reluctance variable-frequency scroll compressor has won "international leadership", which is another major achievement of Gree's adherence to the general secretary's instructions and years of independent innovation.

Gree High Efficiency Reluctance Variable Frequency Scroll Compressor is independently developed and manufactured by Gree, with complete independent intellectual property rights. At present, 68 national invention patents have been applied for this project, of which 45 are authorized.

"Gree's innovation advantage lies not only in the leading position of a certain technology, but also in the formation of an innovation platform and innovation mechanism through more than 10 years of efforts. Gree's new product research and development is accompanied by the establishment of data models, simulation software, analysis and optimization of data simulation, etc. The research and development system is quite complete.  Not all Chinese enterprises have such a research and development model. Only those enterprises that represent advanced research and development ideas and attach importance to modern scientific methods will follow this path. "  Jiang Yi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, commented on Gree-style independent innovation.

Not only does it have complete independent intellectual property rights at the technical level, Gree Electric Appliance has become the first domestic enterprise to realize the industrialization of DC frequency conversion scroll compressor, filling the gap in the domestic market and having a broad international market in the future.  By October 2019, nearly 30,000 sets of high-efficiency reluctance variable-frequency scroll compressor products developed by this project have been sold, covering 25~90kw commercial multi-connection system and 8.5~12m new energy bus air conditioning system.


(The picture shows Gree Electric Chairman and President Dong Mingzhu delivering a speech at the scene)

"Today's complicated international situation makes us more determined to innovate independently and attach importance to corporate responsibility.  Enterprises should not only make money by themselves, but also contribute to the country's high-quality development and aspire to be a healthy' cell'.  If every enterprise is a healthy' cell', why should the country be weak? "  Dong Mingzhu, chairman and president of Gree Electric Appliance, said on the spot at the technical and scientific achievements appraisal meeting of "High Efficiency Reluctance Variable Frequency Scroll Compressor".

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