Gree Helps Create A Green Industrial Environment

Gree Helps Create A Green Industrial Environment

Date:Dec 25, 2019

In response to the special needs of large energy consumption, large cooling load, and harsh refrigeration environment in industrial manufacturing, Gree innovated and developed a number of large-scale central air-conditioning technologies, and proposed a green and efficient refrigeration solution with completely independent intellectual property rights. To create an excellent industrial production environment for the country to achieve the leap from an industrial power to a world-class industrial power.

Recently, Gree Central Air Conditioning won the bid for the “High-efficiency Refrigeration Station of Phase 3 15,000 T / Y Electrolytic Copper Foil Reconstruction and Expansion Project” of Jiangxi Jiangtong Yates Copper Foil Co., Ltd., which is the third time of the chiller cooperation between Gree and Jiangtong project. The project uses Gree CVE series permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency centrifugal chiller, which uses high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors to directly drive two-stage impellers, full-operating "broadband" aerodynamic design technology, double-stage compression and supplemental enthalpy and other technologies As well as new high-efficiency components, the “double efficiency” of full load and partial load is truly realized, which can save more than 40% of power compared with conventional centrifuges.

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