Gree Electric Appliance Won National Award Again, Independent Innovation Drives Green Development Of Industry

Gree Electric Appliance Won National Award Again, Independent Innovation Drives Green Development Of Industry

Date:Jan 15, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] On January 10, the "2019 National Science and Technology Award Conference" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Gree Electric Appliance "Key Technologies and Applications of Large Capacity and High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Conditioning Equipment" won the second prize of national technological invention, and its independent innovation strength was recognized by the national authority again.


(The picture shows the certificate of the National Technological Invention Award)

It is understood that the National Award for Technological Invention is one of the five national science and technology awards established by the State Council. It is mainly used to reward Chinese citizens who have made major technological inventions such as products, processes, materials and systems using scientific and technological knowledge. It has extremely high authority and influence.  At the recently held executive meeting of the State Council, the National Science and Technology Award Regulations (Revised Draft) were passed for deliberation, indicating that the national level is upgrading the effective practices in the reform and practice of science and technology award system in recent years to regulations.  At the same time, the meeting also approved the 2019 national award evaluation results.

This means that the projects awarded this national science and technology award have outstanding performance in terms of professional and technical leadership, close integration with major national strategic development, and project innovation.  Gree's "Key Technologies and Applications of Large Capacity and High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Conditioning Equipment" project was fully recognized by the jury for its outstanding technological innovation and remarkable economic and social benefits.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving Technology Helps Green Development of Large Buildings

As an important part of the total social consumption, building energy consumption, together with industrial energy consumption, agricultural energy consumption and transportation energy consumption constitute the main body of energy consumption in China.  However, in building energy consumption, large public buildings tend to produce greater consumption due to their larger size and more complicated working conditions. Therefore, energy-saving breakthroughs in HVAC products are of great significance for reducing energy consumption of large buildings and even for energy conservation, emission reduction and green development of the whole society.

In June this year, seven ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan", proposing that "by 2030, the refrigeration energy efficiency of large public buildings will be increased by 30%, and the overall refrigeration energy efficiency level will be increased by more than 25%." This has pointed out the direction for the research and development of air-conditioning products and technological breakthroughs.

As the "leader" of the air conditioning industry, Gree Electric Appliances has always implemented the concept of green development and has continuously laid a solid foundation for the excellent performance of its products through technological innovation. The award-winning "Key Technologies and Applications of Large Capacity and High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Conditioning Equipment" project is another proof of Gree's effective combination of independent innovation and green development.

According to introduction, Gree's "Key Technology and Application of High Capacity and High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Conditioning Equipment" project has focused on solving the problems of high energy consumption and high cost commonly existing in air conditioning equipment of large buildings. It has innovated and invented a new structure system of frequency conversion centrifugal compressor with high speed motor direct-drive impeller, a high efficiency pneumatic design method under full working conditions, and a high power permanent magnet motor and drive system. It has successfully broken through the functional bottleneck of traditional centrifuges, improved the mechanical efficiency, pneumatic efficiency and motor efficiency of centrifuges, and is of great significance for reducing the energy consumption of buildings and saving resources and costs.

Breakthrough of Super Project of Foreign Brand Blockade Service

"In terms of technology, the project' Key Technologies and Applications of High Capacity and High Efficiency Centrifugal Air Conditioning Equipment' took the lead in breaking through the key core technologies of high capacity and high efficiency direct drive permanent magnet frequency conversion centrifuges, seizing the commanding heights of international refrigeration technology and leading the centrifuge technology to realize a leap from asynchronous frequency conversion to high speed direct drive permanent magnet frequency conversion.  And when it comes to application, the energy saving effect it has created is also extremely remarkable, "said the relevant head of Gree Central Air Conditioning.

Data show that if all Gree's sold project-related equipment are added up, a total of 249 million degrees of power consumption can be saved and 217,700 tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced. If all centrifuges sold in China are replaced with Gree's high-efficiency direct drive frequency conversion centrifuges, 1,034 million degrees of power consumption can be saved and 867,000 tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced each year, resulting in outstanding economic and social benefits.

In fact, the key technology of Gree high-capacity and high-efficiency centrifugal air conditioning equipment has been widely used in various major projects. Gree HVAC equipment equipped with this technology has been recognized by many parties for its excellent performance.  Up to now, the series of products of this project have served the great hall of the people, Beijing Daxing airport, chairman Mao memorial hall and other large-scale benchmark projects, breaking the situation that foreign brands have occupied the national key image projects for a long time.  At the same time, Gree's high-efficiency centrifugal series of air-conditioning equipment are also applied to major projects such as the jingdong cloud (East China) data center, the China International Aeronautics and Astronautics Expo's main stadium, and the data centers of the three major operators to protect the development of all walks of life.


Independent Innovation Promotes High Quality Development of Manufacturing Industry

Every industry development and ecological reconstruction cannot be separated from the support of technological innovation, and Gree has achieved remarkable results with a consistent concept of independent innovation.

Before winning the International Technology Invention Award this time, Gree Electric Appliance has advanced to the "Five Awards" many times.  In 2012, Gree, represented by 1Hz technology, "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Variable Frequency Air Conditioning" won the "State Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize";  In 2013, Gree Electric Appliance and Southeast University jointly studied the project of "High Efficiency Technology and Equipment for Building Cold, Heat and Humidity Integration in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Zone" and won the "Second Prize for National Technological Invention".  In 2014, Gree won the second prize of "National Science and Technology Progress Award" for "Independent Innovation Engineering System Construction Based on Mastering Core Technology".  Through continuous technological research, Gree continues to lead the transformation and development of the industry and has branded China on the world's scientific and technological map.

At present, China's economy has entered a stage of high-quality development. Innovation-driven and green coordination are the proper meanings for the development of various industries in the new era.  Gree Electric Appliance, as an outstanding representative of China's manufacturing industry, is putting into practice its new concept of development with practical actions and continuously exploring new paths for the development of manufacturing industry.

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