Glass Production Process

Glass Production Process

Date:Dec 31, 2019

Glass production process

crafting process:

         1.Raw material crushing: crush the above raw materials into powder;

         2.Weighing: Weigh a certain amount of various powders according to the planned ingredients list;

         3.Mix: Mix and stir the weighed powder into a batch (colored glass is added at the same time);

         4.Melting: The batch is sent to a glass melting furnace and melted into a glass liquid at 1700 degrees.The material produced is not a crystal, but an amorphous glassy substance.

         5. Molding: The glass liquid is made into flat glass, bottles, cans, utensils, bulbs, glass tubes, fluorescent screens ...

         6. Annealing: Send the formed glass products to the annealing kiln for annealing to balance the stress and prevent self-breaking and self-cracking.

         After that, inspection and packaging.

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