Failure Of Cooling Tower And Treatment Method

Failure Of Cooling Tower And Treatment Method

Date:Dec 24, 2019

Failure of cooling tower and treatment method
First,Noise failure of cooling tower studio

1. Failure cause analysis: Long-term use, insufficient or missing lubricating oil in the cooling tower; the optional installation of the fan blades is unstable, and the position changes. When the high-speed option is installed, the blades touch the inner wall of the fan, causing friction ; The main transmission bearing is the most prone to problems. Long-term rotation causes a lack of lubricant and increases the degree of friction.
2. Troubleshooting: First check whether the amount of oil in the bearing or other places is sufficient, and then check whether the position of the fan blade is correct, and whether the rotating blade is in contact with the inner wall. Correct the angle of the page in time to replenish the lubricant. Replace worn bearings in a timely manner.


Second, the cooling tower water temperature is abnormal
1. Failure cause analysis: The water in the tower is not smooth during the water circulation. The amount of circulating water in the tower is too much or too little, and the air volume of the fan is insufficient. During the cycle, the phenomenon of secondary circulation of hot gas occurs, which is important for temperature Also affected are heat sinks and water pipes, which must be checked one by one and dealt with in a timely manner.
2. Troubleshooting: First, check the amount of water in the tower, check whether the amount of water meets normal standards, too much water will cause the water temperature to rise; second, check the circulation system, whether there is hot air in circulation, and finally check the air volume of the fan, Insufficient or non-uniform air volume, blocked seals will cause the water temperature to rise.


Third, the amount of water in the tower decreases rapidly
1. Failure cause analysis: The decrease in water volume has the most direct effect of poor heat dissipation conditions, which rarely occur, mainly due to inadequate water supply due to blocked water holes or filter screens. Too low water level in the water tank will also cause insufficient water in the tower.
2. Troubleshooting: First check the water volume of the water tank to see that there is too little water in the water tank, the water level is low, and the water supply is insufficient; check whether the main drain holes and filters are clogged or clean up, serious Replace with new accessories when necessary.


Fourth, the amount of water drops splash
1. Failure cause analysis: The most common situation that causes this phenomenon is the excessive rotation speed of the diffuser pipe, which is caused by improper control. Others include too much water in the diffuser tank, the cooling fins are blocked, or the baffle is in the wrong position and cannot be played Effect, dripping caused by excessive circulating water in the tower.
2. Troubleshooting method: first check the cooling water volume in the tower, control the water volume in time, reduce the circulating water volume, adjust or replace the new baffle board, open the blocked fins in time, and replace them with new ones in time when cleaning is difficult Cooling tower accessories.


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