Elimination Of Ice Block Failure

Elimination Of Ice Block Failure

Date:Jan 08, 2019

The ice blockage in the refrigeration system is caused by excessive moisture in the system, so the entire refrigeration system must be dried.

The components are heated and dried by a drying oven, and the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the capillary tube and the return air pipe in the refrigerant system are removed from the refrigerator, and placed in a drying oven to be heated and dried, and the temperature inside the box is 120 ° C. Left and right, drying time for 4 hours, after natural cooling, blowing air one by one with nitrogen. Replace the new desiccant filter and then assemble and weld, pressurize and leak, vacuum, fill the refrigerant, test run and seal. It is best to use this method to eliminate the ice block failure, but it is only applicable to the warranty department of the refrigerator manufacturer. The general repair department can use the method of heating and evacuation to eliminate the ice blockage failure.

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