Dongbei Won Outstanding Supplier Honor In Whirlpool, India

Dongbei Won Outstanding Supplier Honor In Whirlpool, India

Date:Jan 06, 2020

The 2019 supplier conference of whirlpool co., ltd. of India was held ceremoniously on December 4 in new Delhi, India. the group president Zhu zong was invited to attend.  In this meeting, our company won the honor of "excellent supplier". The compressor suppliers who won this honor have only Dongbei.


In 2019, our company, as the main compressor supplier of Whirlpool, India, based on the principle of serving customers in all respects and the service tenet of "being anxious for customers and thinking for customers", in daily work, Dongbei team starts with doing every little thing well, so that customers can truly feel the "warmth" of Dongbei's high-quality service in daily work.  Let customers feel Dongbei's sincere and full support all the time.  From forward-looking product development, timely delivery, cost optimization to quality improvement, we provide customers with all-round excellent services, and have also received unanimous favorable comments from customers' technical development, procurement and quality teams.

Sincerity is the most important way to serve!  Only by truly focusing on customers, adhering to customer orientation and striving for customer satisfaction can we retain customers, realize sustainable development with customers and become bigger and stronger with customers.  Only in this way can we keep up with the pace of the market and survive.

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