Development Trend Of Plastic Suction Machine

Development Trend Of Plastic Suction Machine

Date:Dec 30, 2019

Development Trend of Plastic Suction Machine

With the continuous development of the modern plastic processing industry, automatic feeding equipment has been adopted by more and more manufacturers. In the feeding equipment of injection molding machines, its development trend tends to combine multiple feeding principles to form higher efficiency Loading equipment, such as in the long-distance material transportation process, in the vacuum suction process, the combination of vacuum suction method and wind pressure feeding method. Vacuum equipment is better than pressure equipment, because if the system leaks, outside air enters the system In the vacuum equipment, the powder material will not be sprayed out of the system, while the pressure equipment will spray out, polluting the environment and affecting personal safety. At present, some new trends have emerged in foreign feeding equipment, such as in pressure equipment and vacuum equipment. Install a rotary valve to separate different air flows (pressure and vacuum). If there is no role of the rotary air valve, the pressure of the two air flows will interfere with each other and reduce the system efficiency. In addition, both domestic and foreign countries tend to use a centralized center The feeding system conveys materials to help improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity of the operator and reduce production costs. The feeding system has the following characteristics:
1. Can realize 24H unmanned continuous molding operation
2. Can supply materials for different molding methods as required
3.Ability to recycle waste materials in a fully automated manner.
4, able to automatically color.

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