Development Plan Of The Coal Industry In The Russian Federation Before 2035

Development Plan Of The Coal Industry In The Russian Federation Before 2035

Date:Jun 18, 2020

The Russian government has recently approved the "Russian Federation's Coal Industry Development Plan by 2035", which plans to establish new coal mining centers in Kuzbass, Rostov Oblast, and Eastern Siberia, while improving infrastructure construction such as railways and ports. Guarantee coal export.

   The development plan aims to expand Russia’s coal mining volume, improve the mine’s technological content, and make the coal industry safer and more environmentally friendly. According to the plan, Russia plans to increase coal mining volume from 439 million tons in 2018 to more than 485 million tons in 2035. The Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) Deputy Chairman of the Ecological and Environmental Protection Committee Stashnov said that the development of the coal industry is related to two major economic and environmental issues. The Russian government approved the development plan of the coal industry and the development of cleaner renewable energy. There is no contradiction between them, and environmental issues will be dealt with in the development process.

  The development plan is implemented in three stages. The first phase will be implemented until 2025, and the main goal is to improve the intensity of coal production through technological transformation, effectively reduce corporate accidents and reduce casualties, and carry out railway and other related infrastructure construction; the second phase to 2030, complete the coal The reorganization of the enterprise, the establishment of new coal mining centers in areas with good mining and geological conditions, and the removal of major systemic restrictions on the sale of coal to domestic and foreign markets; the third stage to 2035, greatly improved labor productivity and implemented deep processing based on coal The pilot project of technology strives to achieve that the coal industry meets international environmental protection standards.

   Russian Energy Minister Novak said that the coal industry will undergo significant changes in the future, and its contribution rate to the Russian economy will be further increased. First, the coal industry will carry out digital transformation, gradually realize mining automation and robotization, and increase the overall productivity of coal mines; second, the working conditions of workers will be improved, and the safety production level of mines will be greatly improved; third, the modernization of coal-fired thermal power plants The transformation and strict regulations on the discharge of wastewater from coal production will further reduce the negative environmental impact of the coal industry.

   Russia has large coal reserves and excellent quality. Russian President Putin previously proposed that coal exports to Asia will double to 20 million tons in 2025. Not long ago, Russian Railways announced plans to shorten the modernization and upgrading of the Baikal-Amur Railway and the Siberian Railway by 1-2 years to ensure the export of coal to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


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