Demonstrations Continue, Trump Warns: Don't Label Tens Of Millions Of Decent Americans With Racism And Paranoia

Demonstrations Continue, Trump Warns: Don't Label Tens Of Millions Of Decent Americans With Racism And Paranoia

Date:Jun 12, 2020

Dallas City held a round table meeting on the 11th. In addition to Trump, participants also included religious leaders, law enforcement representatives, small business owners and senior Trump administration officials. CNN said that at the meeting, Trump warned against describing Americans as racists or paranoia in general. He insisted that "Americans are kind and moral people."

"We must work together to fight the paranoia and prejudice that appears everywhere, but mistakenly labeling tens of millions of decent Americans as racist or paranoid will not make any progress and will not cure any Trauma." Trump said.

The report said that Trump also repeatedly praised the police and referred to those who used excessive force as "bad apples", but did not talk about police violence against blacks. He also stated that his efforts regarding racial reconciliation will be carried out "rapidly and easily".

"Our country has so many different elements of power, our country has such potential, and we have the greatest potential." Trump said, "But we are off the topic and start thinking about things that are not important or not so important. . We don’t even discuss important things, but today, we are here to discuss very important things."

In his speech, Trump also confirmed that the White House is finalizing an executive order on police standards. Trump said the order "will encourage the national police department to use force to meet the latest professional standards, including strategies to reduce tension."

It is worth noting that CNN also mentioned that at the round table, some audience members sat next to each other, and many of them did not wear masks. The Texas-recorded new-hospital-related hospitalization cases were the highest since the outbreak.

The anti-racist protests caused by the death of black George Freud are still spreading throughout the United States. On the 11th local time, the protests have continued for more than two weeks.

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