Danfoss Acquires American AAIM Controls Company

Danfoss Acquires American AAIM Controls Company

Date:Jan 03, 2020

On December 14, 2019, Hanbell Precision Machine successfully held the "Road Show of 2019 Hanbell  Precision Machine Refrigeration Series Products-Kunming Station" in the spring city of Kunming. The road show invited more than 100 experts and elites from the refrigeration industry in southwest China to attend. The whole activity was full of dry goods and the atmosphere of the meeting was lively and high.

The activity began with an opening speech by Mr. Liao Zhisheng, executive vice president of Shanghai Hanbell  Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Li Jie, founder of the Workers' Bee Alliance and chairman of Tianjin Fasques, which opened the prologue of this roadshow activity.


Next, manager Xie Peng of the Cold Products Department of Hanbell  Precision Machinery brought the theme report "Refrigeration and Refrigeration Compressors and Energy-saving Application Plan" to everyone. The report introduced the energy efficiency characteristics and application scope of different types of refrigeration and refrigeration compressors and the characteristics and cases of Hanbell Precision Machinery's refrigeration and refrigeration products respectively. Finally, under the application scenarios of cold storage, quick-freezing storage and quick-freezing machine in different temperature zones, different types of compressors were selected for a complete comparative analysis under the initial investment and operation cost, so that industry colleagues can select more suitable compressors to meet customer requirements when aiming at different project requirements, thus improving the project yield.


The engineering design of the cold storage project is a key factor for the normal operation of the whole project, which often determines the success or failure of a project.  At the roadshow, Mr. Li Jie, founder of the Federation of Workers and Bees, brought "Design of Cold Storage and Refrigeration Pipes" to everyone for the design of cold storage. He introduced the load calculation of cold storage, type selection of cold storage equipment, cold storage engineering and matters needing attention in the design of unit pipelines and other aspects, so that colleagues in the industry could gradually upgrade from the status quo of projects based on experience to projects based on data, thus making the whole cold storage project safer and more efficient.

In order to let everyone know more about the design and selection of the compressor and the matters needing attention in use, the application support of the Cold Products Department of Hanbell  Precision Machine Department of Gao Yueming engineers brought us a speech on "Design and Selection of Cold Products for Hanbell  Precision Machine". The purpose is to let the colleagues in the industry know more about Hanbell  Cold Products, which can be more reasonable in compressor selection and system design, so that the system can operate more safely and efficiently.


At the end of the activity, Mr. Qin yueli of Chongqing branch of Hanbell  precision machine co., ltd. shared with everyone the book "discrimination of genuine and fake genuine frozen oil of Hanbell  precision machine" to let everyone know the harm of fake frozen oil and how to distinguish the true from the false.

In order to thank more than 100 guests for their painstaking support for the road show, Hanbell  Jingji prepared a sumptuous dinner for the participants after the road show.  At the dinner, everyone was full of cheers and enthusiasm. They all agreed with the wonderful sharing of the Hanbell  Jingji roadshow.

Hanbell  Jingji adheres to its corporate mission of "creating a lower carbon and environment-friendly living environment" and its corporate values of "caring, dedication, honesty, innovation and excellence" to continuously provide customers with efficient and reliable products and fast and considerate services. It is willing to continue to work with the vast number of industry colleagues to contribute to the healthy development of the refrigeration industry.

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