Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Date:Mar 16, 2018

Cooling tower maintenance

    In order to make the chiller more efficient and more stable in operation, and in order to ensure that the cooling tower can be used safely and normally for as long as possible, in addition to providing basic inspection and cleaning work for the cooling tower, it is necessary to regularly do the following: Maintenance work.

First, the cooling tower is equipped with a water-cooled chiller. For a cooling tower using a belt deceleration device, check the tightness of the belt once every two weeks. If it is not appropriate, adjust the tightness of the belt. If several belts have different degrees of tightness, a complete set is required. Replace; if the cooling tower is not running for a long time, it is best to take the belt down and save it.

Second, if the cooling tower uses a gear reduction device, check the oil level in the gearbox every month. If there is not enough oil, make sure the oil level is in place. In addition, check the oil color every six months for the cooling tower. Viscosity, which cannot meet the requirements, must be completely replaced. When the cooling tower is used for 5000 hours, regardless of the oil quality, the gear box must be thoroughly cleaned and replaced with oil to ensure that the cooling tower can provide continuous cooling for the chiller. water.

Third, the cooling tower fan motor is a long-term work in the hot and humid environment, in order to ensure its insulation performance, motor burnout accident does not occur, the motor insulation test must be done every year; if not meet the requirements, not only affect the cooling tower, more directly affect The water-cooled chiller cannot work normally, so it is necessary to deal with or replace the motor in time.

Fourth, we must pay attention to check whether the filler is damaged, if there is, it must be repaired or replaced.

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