Chinese Speed

Chinese Speed

Date:Apr 23, 2020

"Along with Raytheon Mountain Hospital, it will be unforgettable forever!" On the evening of April 15, Zhang Gan, an employee of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, couldn't restrain his excitement throughout the day and made such a circle of friends. From construction to maintenance, he fought for 79 days in Raytheon Mountain Hospital.

On the morning of the same day, Raytheon Mountain Hospital held a cabin suspending ceremony and stood in the representative team of builders. Pride and pride rose from the depth of Zhang Qian ’s heart: “Time to testify, we have made the impossible possible!”

In order to win the Hubei Defence War and Wuhan Defence War, more than 40,000 medical personnel traveled retrogressively, and about 40,000 builders came from all directions to fight side by side to rush to build Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain Hospital.

They fought day and night and raced against the virus, creating a "Chinese speed" of building two infectious disease hospitals in about 10 days!

They are not afraid of risks, fight against difficulties, and fully display the "Chinese power" united to fight hard battles!

Wuhan will not forget that history will always remember this heroic group-the builders on the line of fire!

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