Chiller Refrigerant R22: Quota Limit, Price Rise

Chiller Refrigerant R22: Quota Limit, Price Rise

Date:Dec 23, 2019

Market analysis

Products: Refrigerant market R22 market price maintains stable operation.  At the end of the year, there was no enterprise quota for refrigerant R22, the market was out of stock, most manufacturers basically did not accept new orders, the main supply order, and the price remained stable at a high level.  Hydrofluoric acid at the raw material end rose last week, resulting in strong cost support and no improvement in the demand for refrigerant R22 at the terminal.  Traders' retail prices in the retail market are chaotic and their supply of goods is tight.  According to Italian agency data monitoring, as of December 16, the average price of refrigerant R22 was 17,100 yuan/ton, and the quotations were mostly concentrated in the range of 14,500 yuan/ton to 18,800 yuan/ton. The trend of refrigerant R22 was stable.

Industrial Chain: The price of hydrofluoric acid and hydrofluoric acid in upstream products has gone up in China. Recently, the on-site manufacturers have generally shipped goods and the on-site spot supply is normal.  The price of domestic chloroform for upstream products has fallen. Due to tight supply in the early stage, the supply in the industry is still tight at present. In addition, the supply of chloroform in Shandong area is gradually recovering. In case the supply exceeds the demand, the price of chloroform is expected to gradually fall.  The downstream market has a flat intention of receiving goods, and the trade is slightly light.  Terminal air-conditioning manufacturers started low and demand was flat.

Industry: According to the business news agency price monitoring, in the 49th week (12.9-12.13) of 2019, there were 24 kinds of commodities in the list of commodity price increases and decreases, including 4 kinds of commodities with an increase of more than 5%, accounting for 4.7% of the monitored commodities in the list.  The top 3 commodities were ethylene glycol (17.59%), crude benzene (7.07%) and aniline (6.81%).

A total of 28 commodities fell month on month, with 1 commodity falling by more than 5%, accounting for 1.2% of the monitored commodities in the sector.  The top 3 products were hydrochloric acid (-6.41%), chloroform (-4.55%) and bisphenol A(-3.62%).

The average rise and fall was 0.07%.

Future forecast

Business School refrigerant analysts believe that the enterprise quota for refrigerant R22 is no longer available, and there is a shortage of goods. Most manufacturers basically do not accept new orders, and the main supply order is stable at high prices.  It is expected that refrigerant R22 will run smoothly in the short term.

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