Chiller Manufacturer Tells You Its Role

Chiller Manufacturer Tells You Its Role

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Chiller chiller manufacturer tells you it works:

Prior to the water tank in the machine into an amount of water through cold water cooling of the refrigeration system, again by pumping cool water into the cooling equipment, chiller chilled water temperature after the heat away and then back into the water tank, to achieve cooling effect.

Use air conditioning chiller chiller manufacturers:

In air conditioning systems, chilled water is usually assigned to the heat exchanger, or coil in air handling units, or other type of terminal equipment cooling in their respective space (s-air), and then redistributed back to the cooling of cooling water is cooled. These cooling coils transfer sensible heat and latent heat from the air to the water, so usually desiccant cooling air flow. A typical application of air conditioning units rated at 15 to 1500 tons (180,000 18,000,000 BTU/h or 53 to 5,300 kW) cooling capacity. Chilled water temperature ranges from 35-45 degrees or 1.5 to 7 degrees Celsius, depending on the application requirements.

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