Basque Festival Of Russians

Basque Festival Of Russians

Date:Apr 20, 2020

Hitting an egg means all year-round safety; using willow sticks to remove dust from the body means exhaustion ...
April 19 is the traditional festival "Basque Day" of more than a thousand Russians living in Ergun, Inner Mongolia, and bumping eggs and smoking willow branches is one of the ways they celebrate the festival.
The picture shows that the Russian people in Ergun are celebrating the "Basque Festival". Zhang Hong photo

On the same day, the local Russian people dressed in festive costumes and brought festive foods such as Leba and Easter eggs to the epidemic prevention and control staff on duty at some inspection sites in the city, and sent blessings to these staff to share their holiday happy.
These Russian people took out the eggs prepared in advance and handed them to the epidemic prevention and control staff, and then collided with the eggs in their hands, which means "years of peace".
In addition to this, there are Russian people holding the prepared wicker and pumping it at the prevention and control staff clothes, which means exhaustion

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