Another Bad News In The World Sports World!

Another Bad News In The World Sports World!

Date:Jun 17, 2020

The International Federation of climbers wrote: “Luce is a young and extremely talented rock climber who just won his first title in the bouldering junior group at the Arco Station in Italy last year at the World Climbing Youth Championship. Won the bronze medal in the difficulty game. Last year's World Cup Vail and the World Championships held in Hachioji, Japan, won the 5th and 20th places in bouldering. It is worth mentioning that the Vail station is her first time. Participate in adult competitions.

It is reported that Luce Douady fell down while exploring on a cliff near her home in southeastern France. She and a group of friends suddenly slipped on a bare path and fell 150 meters while crossing between two climbing areas.

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