Analysis Of The Development Trend Of China's Plastic Industry

Analysis Of The Development Trend Of China's Plastic Industry

Date:Dec 28, 2019

Analysis of the development trend of China's plastic industry

According to the analysis of the development of China's plastic industry, the plastic industry, as one of the pillar industries of China's light industry, has maintained a growth rate of more than 10% in recent years. Analysis of the development trend of China's plastic industry in 2016. In the plastic industry, the plastic hardware industry market is very active, becoming a new consumer hotspot and a new economic growth point. The market prospects for plastic hardware molds are considerable, but they are far from the level of foreign technology. 

Status of the plastics industry: promising prospects, many questions 

With the advancement of processing technology and production equipment, thermoplastic / thermosetting plastic products that use plastic materials as production raw materials and undergo different production and processing processes such as hollow molding are increasingly used in different places in production and life. In different industries such as transportation, plastic products are widely used. 

However, since plastic products are high-molecular polymers, how to dispose of waste plastic products has become a vexing problem. With simple landfill treatment, plastic products are difficult to decompose and pollute the soil environment. If incineration is performed, the auxiliary materials added during the plastic production process will generate toxic and harmful gases and pollute the air environment.  

It is understood that the emergence and development of the recycled plastic industry is expected to solve the problem of plastic product pollution. In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the quality of the living environment, increasing public awareness of environmental protection, coupled with rising crude oil prices, driving up the price of plastic raw materials, and the clean and environmentally friendly recycled plastic industry has enjoyed a good opportunity for development. Industry experts have introduced technology-innovated products And industrial structure adjustment, China's recycled plastic industry has made great progress and is developing in the direction of high quality, multiple varieties and high technology.  

Although China's recycled plastic industry has a bright future, it still faces many problems in the actual development process. On the one hand, due to the wide range of sources of recycled plastics, their quality is uneven, and the performance varies greatly from batch to batch, which results in low quality stability of recycled plastics; on the other hand, the cost of recycled plastics is relatively high and the price is high The price of raw plastic. In addition, from the overall situation of the current recycled plastics industry, domestic waste plastic recycling companies are still mainly SMEs, and the industry concentration is relatively scattered. Because the recycling and reuse of waste plastics is a complicated process, the technical requirements are also relatively high. However, China's domestic recycled plastic industry is still dominated by physical recycling, which undoubtedly hinders the development of the entire industry to some extent.  

Experts believe that in the context of the country's vigorous promotion of a circular economy, the promotion of traditional industrial reforms, and the promotion of environmentally friendly and sustainable development, despite the various problems that still need to be resolved in the domestic recycled plastic industry, the development prospects of the recycled plastic industry remain bright. Domestic plastics industry enterprises should seize the opportunity to develop recycled plastic production projects and promote the green development of the industry.  

Some domestic plastic molds begin to replace imported products  

The mold industry is a basic industry in the national economy, and it involves various industries such as machinery, automotive, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, and building materials, and has a wide range of applications. China's industrial development is rapid. The development of automobile manufacturing, IT manufacturing, and medical equipment has ushered in the development opportunity for the entire mold industry.  

In recent years, domestic companies have continued to improve mold technology and products. Therefore, some plastic molds or injection molded parts have begun to circulate internationally. They have successfully entered the supply chain system of some high-end industries and replaced some imported products. Dependence. But it is undeniable that only a small part of the international high-end market.  

The analysis report of the plastics industry market shows that with the improvement of the technology level of our country's mold industry and the gradual increase of product levels, some international host industry supply chain systems are now tilting towards domestic companies, which will be an opportunity and a challenge. It is understood that by 2015, China's market will need more than 85% of the mold self-supporting ratio, of which the self-supporting ratio of high-end molds will significantly increase.  

Some experts pointed out that in addition to continuing to increase production capacity, China's mold industry should focus on internal structural adjustment and technological development. Mainly due to the professional adjustment of corporate structure, the development of product structure towards mid-to-high-end molds, the improvement of import and export structure, mold analysis and structural improvement of middle- and high-end automotive cover molds, multifunctional composite molds and composite processing, and laser technology in mold design and manufacturing Development of high-speed cutting, super-finishing and polishing technology, and information technology.

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