Analysis Of Refrigeration Equipment Market

Analysis Of Refrigeration Equipment Market

Date:Dec 26, 2019

Analysis of refrigeration equipment market

With the continuous development of refrigeration technology, refrigeration equipment has been widely used in various fields of commerce and industry. Various industries such as food processing, agricultural production, retail sales, petrochemicals, biomedicine, etc. are closely related to refrigeration technology and refrigeration equipment. It involves various areas of the national economy and people's daily life. Chains of various industries. First of all, refrigeration equipment provides safety protection for agricultural products and perishable food. The circulation process from production, processing, storage, transportation to sales is inseparable from the refrigeration equipment to provide cooling capacity. This not only improves the food quality and product economic value, Corrosive waste is also avoided. And the entire refrigeration equipment market industry contains many products, such as cold storage, quick-freezers, refrigerated trucks and freezers. In the industrial field, refrigeration equipment provides the necessary environmental guarantees for industrial production and industrial safety. At the same time, refrigeration equipment also plays a key role in petrochemicals, biomedicine and a wide range of manufacturing industries. Refrigeration technology is an indispensable and valuable technology in the economic system, and its application provides a broader development prospect for all walks of life.

 Industrial refrigeration industry application introduction

1 Petrochemical refrigeration market introduction

The petrochemical industry needs refrigeration equipment to provide low-temperature requirements such as separation, crystallization concentration, purification catalysis, and control of reaction temperature in organic synthesis process steps. For example, in many chemical fields, chemical reactions generate high-temperature heat, which requires refrigeration equipment to quickly and effectively dissipate gas through a cold source and separate gas mixtures; for example, liquefaction, dehydration, storage, and transportation of natural gas also require refrigeration equipment. Enough cold. In short, refrigeration has two aspects of chemical reaction requirements and heat dissipation, which solves the necessary cold source in the production process of the petrochemical industry. There are a variety of specific cooling and heat exchange methods, including indirect, direct, air-cooled, and water-cooled. The heat exchange devices and heat exchange methods are different. It is formulated according to the specific needs of customers under specific application requirements. .

2 Biomedical refrigeration market introduction

In the industrial fields of petrochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, textile production and laser electronics, many processes need to be operated at low temperatures, and refrigeration equipment is required to provide process cooling to improve the quality of the finished product. At the same time, many scientific experiments in biomedicine are run in a low-temperature superconducting environment, all of which require refrigeration equipment to provide a simulation environment that is conventionally unreachable. With the exception of the biomedical industry, refrigeration equipment provides similar simulations for many military and other experiments based on the same principles. In addition, medicines, vaccines, plasma and many different types of biological samples need to be functionally stored under low temperature storage conditions, and frozen or refrigerated during transportation. Third, in the broader definition of biological science, low-temperature biomedical technology and medical equipment also need to be performed in a low-temperature environment. Surgery for certain diseases or transplantation, preservation, sterilization, cultivation of certain organisms, and so on. All in all, refrigeration equipment provides a low-temperature simulation environment for the biopharmaceutical industry to simulate the needs and necessary operations.

3 Introduction of other refrigeration markets

Refrigeration equipment has played an active role in different industrial and commercial operation processes. The principles are generally the same. They all work effectively in cooperation with production and life through the functions of cooling, absorbing heat, conducting, and providing a simulated environment. On the one hand, refrigeration equipment helps to improve the efficiency of industrial and production fields, and on the other hand, the cooling of refrigeration equipment provides the necessary environmental conditions for special processes.

In the field of construction, no matter during the large-scale concrete pouring process or the concrete mixing process, the refrigeration equipment is required to provide sufficient cooling capacity to dilute the huge heat released during the solidification process to ensure the smooth progress of the curing reaction. Insufficient heat dissipation will successively cause fractures, irregular shapes and other consequences, causing hidden safety hazards to the overall project. There are also many commercial refrigeration applications in the construction field, such as refrigeration for indoor and outdoor artificial ski resorts and ice skating venues. In the field of construction, specific refrigeration products are mainly divided into two categories, one is link refrigeration and cooling equipment, and the other is large industrial ice maker. Link refrigeration equipment develops specific cold and heat exchange methods according to different applications and different needs of customers, while ice machines are mainly based on high-capacity high-speed ice making, and then indirectly through the ice body for some specific needs of the construction industry. Cool down.

In the military industry and defense industry, the refrigeration equipment body plays a particularly important role. There are many application subdivisions, and the cooling equipment cooling methods are different. Its specific applications include but are not limited to: product development cold environment, infrared detection cold environment, products Ultra-low temperature environment simulation for various needs such as cold storage and applicability before use, and refrigeration needs in the aerospace field. The sources of equipment used in China's military industry and defense industry are mainly divided into two categories: independent research and development and foreign imports. In the independently developed system, refrigeration products are mostly provided for domestic enterprises. At the same time, the vast majority of national defense infrastructure equipment systems are imported directly from abroad, and their original matching refrigeration compressors are foreign brands, so many customers generally only use the original configuration and product parameters when equipment updates and replacements are needed. Spot purchases. For example, Italy Duling compressor has a good OEM performance in foreign military basic equipment systems, and some domestic military enterprises in China will purchase Duling compressors of the same or similar models in China after the aging of the import system. To ensure the highest matching with the original system and the reliability of future operations.

In the beverage industry such as beverages and beer, refrigeration equipment provides all aspects of cold demand such as raw material cooling, fermentation cooling, deep-freezing before storage, and storage. These applications focus on manufacturing processes and belong to process refrigeration requirements; in addition, in various operating rooms In the operation library, in order to ensure the freshness of raw materials and some chemical properties, refrigeration equipment also provides cooling requirements for the cooling of production buildings and production workshops. In these two directions, refrigeration equipment escorts the beverage industry in China, and also provides the necessary environment for the various types of beverages that people love in the production process. For example, the production of lactic acid bacteria and the cooling of beer wort, cooling of fermentation, etc., must involve the participation of refrigeration equipment in many links.

In summary, China's refrigeration equipment is widely used in the industrial field, and the products required are different. From integrated refrigeration units to provide cooling in different ways, to specific industrial ice maker products, ultra-low temperature quick-freezer products, and high-precision refrigerated refrigerated car bodies, refrigeration equipment has penetrated into all aspects of China's industrial production and various industrial process flows. With the continuous breakthrough of refrigeration technology and the continuous upgrading of refrigeration equipment, China's industrial sector, especially large-scale petrochemical cold demand will definitely develop well.

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