America Was In The Midst Of An Outbreak, And Then Something Even Worse Happened

America Was In The Midst Of An Outbreak, And Then Something Even Worse Happened

Date:May 13, 2020

The United States is one of the countries most affected by the outbreak, and the new London outbreak in the United States in particular has seen an explosive outpouring of cases and deaths every day. At this moment of inattention, something very remarkable happened. A man who tried to blow up a hospital was killed by the local FBI after he failed. As soon as the news was reported, the whole world cheered. This kind of thing is very common in the United States, because there are no mandatory controls on guns in the United States, which also shows that it is very easy for a very ordinary person to own a gun. If he has money, he can buy a gun here. The U.S. government is used to this kind of thing, they are used to it, they don't take it seriously.

In the United States, as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, the loss to people is also quite serious. Moreover, the American people have been under the shadow of the epidemic for a long time, which makes people nervous and depressed at the same time, and their emotions become more irritable and they are likely to do some extreme things. Without gun control in the United States, social security would be even more dangerous. The man who wanted to blow up the hospital this time was timothy Wilson. He was deeply dissatisfied with the wrong decision and negative attitude made by the us government in the face of the epidemic. He had no choice but to take such drastic action, which also cost him his young life.

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