Air Cooled Flooded Type Water Chiller

Air Cooled Flooded Type Water Chiller

Date:Mar 02, 2017

• With flooded type evaporator, power consumption lower 15% to 25% than dry type, unit efficiency can be class 2 to 1.

• With patent heat recovery, heat reclaimed at 30% of cooling capacity.

• With 8 protection devices for chiller proper running assurance.

 Micro-controller – single chip or PLC controller.

 Reliable partnership Hanbell semi-hermetic servicable screw compressor.
 High Efficiency Al/Cu fin n tube type condenser with option of anti-corrosion coating fin.
 Serviceable shell and tube type evaporator.
 We employ good brand high reliable Touch Screen Microprocessor, contactors, BMS control compatible.
 Safety protection devices of pressure, temperature, current, alarm fault and safety cutoff protection.
  Option of Built-in Chilled Water Pump to save space, installation and control cost.
 Modular design and Cabinet for Outdoor installation are available for selection.
 Option items available for anti-corrosion condenser fin, Stainless Steel panel.
 Suitable for Hotel, Commerical Building, Hosital, Health and Sunna Centre, Large size Factories HVAC installation.

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