About Indonesian Logistics Clearance

About Indonesian Logistics Clearance

Date:Jul 31, 2018

About Indonesian logistics clearance

  1. For different types of goods (each country may have different import requirements for different categories - tariff & non-tariff threshold), quantity, need to clear the cargo information before shipment, confirm the consignee and product name according to the specific situation, If necessary, it must be combined with the strength of the port of destination agent and customs clearance requirements for packing.

  2. If there is no corresponding import right, or if it has the right to import but the qualification is shallow and easy to be checked (obtaining API, or even applying to the Master List, it does not mean that it can be cleared for obstacles), you can use DDP operation, for some need special Import licenses, import quotas and the need for commodity inspection (SGS, SNI), similar to steel, tile products, you can find the agent with the appropriate import authority to clear customs.

  3. Whether it is DDP or DDU operation, it is recommended and required to apply to the shipping company for 14 days free time of detention when booking, so that even if the time required for customs clearance is longer than usual, it may not be generated or reduced. Cabinet rent.

  4. Import and export involves two parts, the exporting country and the destination country. However, regardless of the mode of operation, export declaration and import customs clearance are two relatively independent jobs. The state encourages the export of general products, as long as it is the actual export, domestic The document declaration will obtain the corresponding tax rebate and will not be affected by different customs clearance methods in the destination country.

  5. International trade is a systematic project. In addition, Indonesia's import and export is relatively special. In China, it confirms the corresponding import rights and qualifications with Indonesia, and then clearly defines the requirements for loading, and maximizes the work before shipment. Efficiently complete import and export related work.

  6. Indonesia has been quite strict with many products since January 2016, such as LED lights, machinery (old needs), machines (old needs), textiles, etc., which need to be tested before SGS, and need to apply abroad. Send SGS NO. By SHIPPER here to make a pre-installation check, then the probability of being stuck at the port of destination is almost zero.

  7. The export goods must be consistent with the actual packing list. If the goods in the port of destination are found to be invoiced with the actual bill of lading, and the COPY of the bill of lading is inconsistent, then the fines generated are quite expensive. Some customers are accustomed to using shorthand, or not listed, and it does not matter to export to other countries, but how detailed it is for Indonesian products. Avoid that expensive penalty.

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