Abandoned By America! This World Power Asks China For Help!

Abandoned By America! This World Power Asks China For Help!

Date:May 22, 2020

Abandoned by America! This world power asks China for help! The vice President lowered himself to make a plea! According to the Reuters on May 17, the United States is a capitalist country, all things follow the principle of the supremacy of interests, even the United States government, only on behalf of the interests of a few people, this is the basic presentation of the American system

First American Boeing company for their own industry can develop better, and then chooses the Brazilian airline, want to use $4.21 billion for holding Brazil, after all, is not very rich, with the company to purchase, this is a chance to make a Brazilian airline Boeing immediately agreed to a request, and rapidly drew up the agreement in accordance with the agreement, regardless of how Brazil's aviation market value floating, Boeing, all can't go back on our word, must be carried out in accordance with the original price to buy

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