A New Refrigerant Replacing R410A Has Been Introduced

A New Refrigerant Replacing R410A Has Been Introduced

Date:Dec 28, 2019

[China Refrigeration Network] UK: A UK company with innovative "filling" refrigerant will introduce a zero ODP, low GWP and nonflammable R410A substitute into the existing air conditioning system.

A new patent designated by ASHRAE, A1, non-flammable, non-toxic R470A refrigerant, will be introduced by Refrigerant Solutions Limited (RSL) in the new year.  The other is its sister refrigerant R470B, which has similar advantages in the replacement of R404A and R507 in the existing system.

A new refrigerant replacing R410A has been introduced

In the process of phasing out HFC refrigerants worldwide, refrigerant manufacturers and system developers have proposed some temporary and long-term, low and lower GWP solutions for existing and new refrigeration applications.

However, the use of fixed air conditioners and R410A is already a bigger problem.  R32 is more and more accepted in new systems, but its A2L flammability rating makes it currently unable to be applied to large-volume VRF systems.  Honeywell's replacement R466A is a nonflammable substitute, but the condensing unit needs to be replaced.  Therefore, so far, there is no universally accepted "filling" refrigerant with lower GWP value for the existing system.  According to RSL, R470A may be a solution.

  R470A will be sold by RSL as RS-53, which is a complex mixture of six components.  It mixes HFOs and HFCs, in addition to "natural" refrigerant CO2.

In addition to a relatively small amount of carbon dioxide, it also mixes R410A components, R32(17%) and R125(19%) with R134a(7%), R1234ze(44%) and a small amount of less common R227ea(3%).

These components make the GWP value of R470A 909, higher than the GWP value of R32 675 and 733 of R466A, but significantly lower than 2088 of R410A.

According to RSL, R47A has similar thermodynamic performance to R410A, with matching energy efficiency and cooling capacity.  It is also said to be compatible with materials commonly found in R410A equipment, and its use in existing split systems will not involve changes in hardware.  It is also compatible with POE lubricants commonly used in R410A systems, avoiding the need for oil change during refitting.

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