400HP Industrial Screw Chiller Use For Bender

400HP Industrial Screw Chiller Use For Bender

Date:Mar 13, 2018

      400HP industrial screw chiller use for bender

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The most efficient semi-hermetic compressor, the heart of the unit - imported high-quality screw compressors, its 5: 6 super-efficient screw rotor compressors, 20-30% more energy efficient than conventional compressors. High reliability and easy maintenance Accurate capacity control and wide application range.

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The cooling tower is a device that cools water, in which water exchanges heat and mass with the passing air, resulting in a drop in water temperature. It is widely used in air conditioning circulating water systems and industrial circulating water systems. Under certain conditions of water treatment, the cooling effect is one of the important performances of the cooling tower. When selecting the cooling tower, it is mainly to consider whether there are special requirements for cooling degree, cooling water volume and wet bulb temperature. Usually, it is installed in a place with better ventilation. the  cooling tower is take heater from industrial screw chiller.

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