3T Vertical Plastic Color Mixer Ship To Indonesia

3T Vertical Plastic Color Mixer Ship To Indonesia

Date:Apr 22, 2019

3T vertical plastic color mixer ship to Indonesia

Today, Indonesia has ordered 12 sets of 3 tons of 304 stainless steel vertical mixers to be produced and ready to ship to Indonesia. Jinhao has been pursuing the policy of “aggressive, realistic and rigorous and united”, constantly developing and innovating, taking technology as the core and quality. Seeking development, creating a brand with integrity, dedication to provide customers with cost-effective high-grade plastic auxiliary machines and meticulous after-sales service.        Naser introduces international technology and has high-quality designers. With its professional level and mature technology, Nagin has established its own brand and market in the plastic auxiliary machine industry. Products are widely used in plastics, chemicals, electronics, die-casting, reactors, rolling, shoe materials, printing and dyeing industries, and the products are sold at home and abroad. We strictly implement the ISO international quality system standards, and build the * plastic auxiliary machine with advanced production technology and optimized human resources. Characteristics of large vertical mixer of Dongguan Jinhao Machinery Co., Ltd. product manual 1. Spiral circulation agitation makes the mixing of raw materials more uniform and fast. 2, suitable for mixing of various plastic materials and color masterbatch, and storage materials, new and old materials and color masterbatch mixed color is better. 3. The parts in contact with the raw materials are all stainless steel, easy to clean and avoid rust. 4, with electronic control safety protection device to ensure safe operation. 5, can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.     working principle The large vertical mixer uses the rapid rotation of the screw to raise the raw material from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top, and then throws it off in the form of an umbrella, and returns to the bottom, so that the raw materials can be tumbling up and down in the barrel, and a large amount of raw materials can be put in a short time. Uniform color mixing is completed

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